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I don't think Digimortal by Fear Factory is anywhere near as bad as reviews make it out to be. If "Back the Fuck Up" wasn't on there I bet the reaction would've been a bit more positive.

Mike Oldfield's Earth Moving is probably my most played album of his, even though he hates the fuck out of it.
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Rammstein's "Rosenrot". Admittingly, I do think that the previous albums were better, but I still like it, while many others seem to think that it's little more than a collection of B-side songs.

Also, "Human After All" from Daft Punk. Sure, it takes Synthesizeritis Up to Eleven and beyond, but I don't think that this is actually a bad thing.
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[up] And Robot Rock has basically been vindicated.
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Thunder, Perfect Mind
NYC Ghosts & Flowers by Sonic Youth is an awesome album, too. Sure, it's not one of their best, but it's not a big stumble or a complete failure like everyone else seems to think.

Assenting. It's a bit pretentious, and "Lightnin'" was far stronger as a live track, but it's still a respectable, well-constructed album with plenty of genuinely outre guitar experimentation. In the latter respect, it is only really rivalled in the band's catalogue by Bad Moon Rising nearly fifteen years prior (dual drumsticks vs. bikehorn, for the win).

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Amnesiac isn't well liked?

I guess it's more of an "overshadowed" album than a "discredited" one - I notice even the most positive reviews on metacritic still basically call it a bunch of Kid A leftovers. The most discredited Radiohead is of course Pablo Honey, which I quite like when I'm in the mood. I'd even say it's got a couple of their best songs ("You" and "Blow Out").

Oh yeah, also The Green Album by Weezer - it is sort of the beginning of the end for them, but I'll stand up for it being pretty good as a short burst of basic summery pop.
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My Generation.
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[up][up][up][up][up]The problem with Rammstein is that they genraly lack album cohesion.
Rebirth, Lil Wayne has quite a few good songs on it

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Wow, Digimortal. I forgot that one, it's an amazing album.
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35 CommanderObvious19th Jul 2011 08:04:50 AM from Unmei no Itaru Basho
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Radiohead's "The Bends"
many radiohead fans i know hate that album
i have no idea why

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The Bends is actually very well respected; it was the highest Radiohead album on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums list.

Now The King of Limbs is a true Base Breaker. It didn't even get nominated for the Mercury Prize this year! It's one of my favorite Radiohead albums though, and easily one of the best albums period to come out this year.

I admit to genuinely liking Billy Idol's Cyberpunk, which has Idol's best song IMO ("Shock to the System") and two other great songs ("Concrete Kingdom" and "Venus").
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It's Hard wasn't that bad at all.
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Rosenrot is hands-down my favorite Rammstein album. Conversely, Sehnsucht is one of their worst.

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It's Hard wasn't that bad at all.

Definitely. The Who never made a bad album.

And for a generally discredited song: I think Michael Jackson's "The Girl is Mine" is fantastic.
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Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans.

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@Dxman: The Tommy soundtrack begs to differ.

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If you don't like a single Frank Ocean song, you have no soul.
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Aleksei: I agree with you. Sehnsucht is not even as good as Herzeleid. And Herzeleid has song on it that English people might play at their wedding, (Heirate Mich) without knowing what it's about.

I liked Rosenrot. I think either Herzeleid or Rosenrot is my favourite. I hardly listen to Sehnsucht anymore, and think Du Hast/Hasst is unmemorable and skippable.
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I'd say Pink Floyd's The Final Cut, but that seems to be getting a little bit of a fanbase now.

I'll say Floyd's Ummagumma instead. Yeah, the studio album is not always technically brilliant, but to me, it's beautiful just to listen to all the way through.
44 whataboutme23rd Jul 2011 12:26:54 AM from strange land, far away.
Tiamat's A Deeper Kind of Slumber. I can understand why fans didn't like it, it's different than their earlier stuff, but I find it pretty interesting and creative. Now, the next one - Skeleton Skeletron - that one wasn't good, I agree. Only a couple of songs from it are worthwhile.
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45 ImipolexG23rd Jul 2011 09:03:07 PM from all our yesterdays
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I think Ummagumma is underrated, although the studio disc is rather inconsistent in my opinion.

Another one I like, that gets little praise, is Led Zep's Presence.
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The Tommy album was bad? Since when?
47 thelittleman6624th Jul 2011 11:04:19 AM from Deep in Chris-Chan's ego
I liked Led Zeppelin's "In Through the Out Door" more than most. I've also noticed that Metallica's "Death Magnetic" has a sizable hatedom.

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Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. is Slipknot's best album by virtue of being interesting.
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49 SpainSun24th Jul 2011 12:09:49 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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Chillwave is a vaguely defined term for a batch of music even hipsters seem to hate.

However, I've found that I rather like most of it, even if I can't really tell what's supposed to be the unifying theme here.
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50 Saeglopur24th Jul 2011 12:20:59 PM from Various places in the UK
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[up] You kiddin'? Hipsters love Chillwave. Toro Y Moi, Banjo Or Freakout, Memory Tapes, Washed Out and Neon Indian are all loved and adored by Hipsters. I personally only really rate Memory Tapes out of that selection - listen to Seek Magic, it's a stonkingly good album. As far as I can tell, the unifying theme seems to be laid-back Lo-Fi Indie-Pop with heavily treated, hazy vocals.

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