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new postpinnedSo, Tropers can do music too, right?1,148Fri, 15th Aug '14 7:58:32 AM
new postpinnedMusic Recommendations278Thu, 14th Aug '14 7:53:59 PM
new postMetal4,589 Wed, 20th Aug '14 11:15:58 PM
new postAlt-Metal303 Wed, 20th Aug '14 10:56:33 PM
new postThe Week's Billboard Hot 100 #11,398 Wed, 20th Aug '14 10:18:41 PM
new postRap and Hip-Hop2,875 Wed, 20th Aug '14 9:40:23 PM
new postLast music you acquired1,343 Wed, 20th Aug '14 8:35:58 PM
new postVocaloid Thread1,599 Wed, 20th Aug '14 7:47:16 PM
new postMisheard Song Lyrics470 Wed, 20th Aug '14 6:54:05 PM
new postNow listening to...85,770 Wed, 20th Aug '14 6:47:22 PM
new postMusic with Saxophone30 Wed, 20th Aug '14 6:13:38 PM
new postThe Chatterbox, Random Music Discussion3,027 Wed, 20th Aug '14 5:38:36 PM
new postPower Ballads That Don't Suck...78 Wed, 20th Aug '14 1:50:16 PM
new postLovemaking Music40 Wed, 20th Aug '14 11:26:37 AM
new postRate The Song Above You5,958 Wed, 20th Aug '14 8:25:39 AM
new postHuey Lewis and the News Discussion Thread10Tue, 19th Aug '14 6:28:49 PM
new postUpbeat, Energetic Electronica suggestions?24Mon, 18th Aug '14 7:36:58 PM
new postStoner Rock/Metal57Mon, 18th Aug '14 7:32:38 PM
new postSongs or riffs that sound amazing sped-up (or slowed down)8Mon, 18th Aug '14 7:31:04 PM
new postMeat Loaf3Mon, 18th Aug '14 7:29:18 PM
new postThe Megas9Mon, 18th Aug '14 3:51:18 PM
new postLast Album you listened through621Sun, 17th Aug '14 6:27:34 PM
new postThe most unfitting songs you've heard on certain stations116Sun, 17th Aug '14 1:43:08 PM
new postRate the song above you on the Moh's Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness214Sun, 17th Aug '14 9:15:40 AM
new postPunk126Sat, 16th Aug '14 2:26:15 PM
new postDAMN SON! WHERE'D YOU FIND THIS TRAP THREAD?! 3Sat, 16th Aug '14 7:56:50 AM
new postLady Gaga143Fri, 15th Aug '14 6:49:00 PM
new postMusic Mashups and Fusion Mixes (The Remake!!!)46Fri, 15th Aug '14 10:42:18 AM
new postSongs you hate by bands you like330Thu, 14th Aug '14 2:09:32 PM
new post"Weird Al" Yankovic108Wed, 13th Aug '14 6:42:31 PM
new postCurrent Earworm1,556Wed, 13th Aug '14 5:44:19 PM
new postBriefly review something you heard recently (or are listening to now)78Wed, 13th Aug '14 4:56:06 PM
new postObscure bands. Awesome bands.398Tue, 12th Aug '14 10:23:20 PM
new postDoes anybody know what this background music is from?7Tue, 12th Aug '14 9:56:39 PM
new postSongs like "Got to Give it Up" and "Blurred Lines"19Tue, 12th Aug '14 12:32:05 PM
new postLive Music167Tue, 12th Aug '14 6:54:21 AM
new post2013: The return of 70s boogie?61Sun, 10th Aug '14 1:33:16 PM
new postA.V. Undercover (yay covers!)1Sat, 9th Aug '14 4:31:34 AM
new postThe Best and Worst Band Names You've Ever Heard634Wed, 6th Aug '14 1:42:40 PM
new postSteven King gets no love.7Wed, 6th Aug '14 1:09:58 PM
new postSing along the song you're listening to.2,323Wed, 6th Aug '14 12:48:42 PM
new postFavorite 2014 albums so far19Tue, 5th Aug '14 1:11:54 AM
new postSongs that would sound good covered in another genre.45Thu, 31st Jul '14 4:48:13 PM
new postI Hope I Die Before I Get Old.com11Thu, 31st Jul '14 2:51:37 PM
new postProg Rock182Thu, 31st Jul '14 1:25:39 AM
new postGeneral Chord Progressions Thread42Wed, 30th Jul '14 3:41:04 PM
new postThe 'Let It Go' & co. appreciation thread113Wed, 30th Jul '14 11:17:29 AM
new postSongs that sound awfully similar.170Tue, 29th Jul '14 3:18:54 PM
new postBillboard 200 albums thread5Sun, 27th Jul '14 7:56:54 PM
new postAnyone Else Into Killing Joke (The Band)?8Sat, 26th Jul '14 12:29:39 PM
new postX Meets Metal69Fri, 25th Jul '14 10:00:13 AM
new postAnyone else excited for the new Weezer album?13Fri, 25th Jul '14 9:58:34 AM
new postParody Concept Thread12Thu, 24th Jul '14 6:45:55 AM
new postAny Other Pink Floyd Fans Out There? 59Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:31:39 PM
new postPeter Gabriel20Mon, 21st Jul '14 2:06:43 PM
new postWhat are the longest and shortest tracks in you music library?97Mon, 21st Jul '14 2:01:04 PM
new postSongs in your music library that have the same name55Fri, 18th Jul '14 7:41:33 PM
new postMew29Thu, 17th Jul '14 5:14:28 AM
new postMusic News Thread25Thu, 17th Jul '14 2:05:14 AM
new postHow did you get into Death Metal (Metal)?59Mon, 14th Jul '14 7:42:42 PM
new postVaporwave20Fri, 11th Jul '14 12:26:48 AM
new postSad Lovers & Giants5Thu, 10th Jul '14 4:03:19 PM
new postSongs you changed your opinion on4Thu, 10th Jul '14 2:12:26 PM
new postWhat music videos have scarred you for life?74Tue, 8th Jul '14 11:29:58 AM
new postDubstep, Brostep, Popstep, anythingstep23Tue, 8th Jul '14 12:44:09 AM
new postDaft Punk Documentary?10Sat, 5th Jul '14 7:36:31 AM
new postFuture Beats4Mon, 30th Jun '14 3:59:09 PM
new postIf you could pick any artist to make a Disney song...43Mon, 30th Jun '14 2:53:32 PM
new postShakira13Sun, 29th Jun '14 10:38:33 PM
new postThey Might Be Giants26Sun, 29th Jun '14 1:39:46 PM
new postSongs you like from bands you hate56Sun, 29th Jun '14 8:51:12 AM
new postTrip-Hop6Fri, 27th Jun '14 6:53:04 PM
new postCaro Emerald2Fri, 27th Jun '14 6:35:47 PM
new postAny Electric Six fans out there?22Fri, 27th Jun '14 6:01:39 PM
new postAwesome Music Page - Status Quo8Wed, 25th Jun '14 3:23:58 PM
new postAwesome Music - Troper Playlists4Wed, 25th Jun '14 9:28:51 AM
new postYeezus --Kanye West25Wed, 25th Jun '14 9:23:50 AM
new postThe value of Vocal Range13Mon, 23rd Jun '14 7:49:30 AM
new postDoujin Music Thread1Mon, 23rd Jun '14 7:24:27 AM
new postMusic of the 1920s46Sun, 22nd Jun '14 10:51:02 AM
new postRemastered CDs29Wed, 18th Jun '14 6:01:24 AM
new postFavorite band ABC's45Sat, 14th Jun '14 8:48:20 PM
new postSongs that you misinterpreted86Tue, 10th Jun '14 9:13:44 PM
new post"i-III-VII-IV": "Four Chords of 'Alternative'?"15Tue, 10th Jun '14 11:32:02 AM
new postMusic confuses and intimidates me83Sun, 8th Jun '14 5:18:41 PM
new postMichael Jackson7Sat, 7th Jun '14 8:23:46 PM
new postWhat are your 2014 summer anthems?15Sat, 7th Jun '14 1:02:55 PM
new postFaith no More16Mon, 2nd Jun '14 9:45:10 AM
new postMicrotonal and Xenharmonic Music15Sat, 31st May '14 12:35:37 AM
new postAnyone into Epic Music? (Two Steps from Hell, Audio Machine)21Fri, 30th May '14 4:02:10 PM
new postPlease recommend some ambient14Fri, 30th May '14 1:48:17 PM
new postArtists who perform/record material into old age24Thu, 29th May '14 4:32:40 AM
new postWhat's your vocal range?130Thu, 29th May '14 3:38:06 AM
new postHype Backlash in Music208Tue, 27th May '14 8:24:14 PM
new postHow many times do overused chord progressions appear in your library?3Tue, 27th May '14 5:08:38 PM
new postSong that introduce you to its respective genre8Tue, 27th May '14 7:18:59 AM
new postYour Supergroup56Mon, 26th May '14 10:33:46 AM
new postRun song lyrics through Translation Party!109Mon, 26th May '14 5:36:37 AM
new postDoes melody-focused music suck?35Sat, 24th May '14 10:30:45 PM
new postAmon Amarth 13Sat, 24th May '14 6:51:33 AM
10 pages in this list
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