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new postpinnedMusic Recommendations232 Thu, 17th Apr '14 4:09:55 AM
new postpinnedSo, Tropers can do music too, right?1,129Sun, 13th Apr '14 7:22:46 AM
new postRate The Song Above You5,419 Thu, 17th Apr '14 4:22:48 AM
new postNow listening to...85,041 Thu, 17th Apr '14 4:11:21 AM
new postVocaloid Thread1,416 Thu, 17th Apr '14 3:15:14 AM
new postSome thoughts on Alternative Rock60Wed, 16th Apr '14 8:40:33 PM
new postMetal4,301Wed, 16th Apr '14 8:38:10 PM
new postThe Week's Billboard Hot 100 #11,138Wed, 16th Apr '14 8:26:52 PM
new postDubstep, Brostep, Popstep, anythingstep13Wed, 16th Apr '14 8:17:38 PM
new postThe most unfitting songs you've heard on certain stations50Wed, 16th Apr '14 5:28:46 PM
new postIf you could pick any artist to make a Disney song...28Wed, 16th Apr '14 5:14:53 PM
new postLast Album you listened through604Wed, 16th Apr '14 1:42:45 PM
new postBriefly review something you heard recently (or are listening to now)48Tue, 15th Apr '14 8:28:05 PM
new postSongs that sound awfully similar.150Tue, 15th Apr '14 1:57:24 PM
new postRap and Hip-Hop2,865Tue, 15th Apr '14 6:40:59 AM
new postdoom metal10Mon, 14th Apr '14 1:40:46 PM
new postPunk59Mon, 14th Apr '14 11:13:16 AM
new postPower Ballads That Don't Suck...68Mon, 14th Apr '14 8:42:45 AM
new postThe 'Let It Go' & co. appreciation thread83Mon, 14th Apr '14 7:14:45 AM
new postWhat's On Your mp3 Player Right Now?10Sun, 13th Apr '14 9:51:34 PM
new postThe Chatterbox, Random Music Discussion2,940Sat, 12th Apr '14 7:36:28 PM
new postWhat's wrong with "overproduced"?13Fri, 11th Apr '14 9:13:13 PM
new postFavorite Bass guitar joke 6Fri, 11th Apr '14 9:12:51 PM
new postShakira12Fri, 11th Apr '14 6:57:19 PM
new postThe Best and Worst Band Names You've Ever Heard626Thu, 10th Apr '14 12:04:01 AM
new postMusic News Thread19Wed, 9th Apr '14 8:23:39 PM
new postCurrent Earworm1,539Wed, 9th Apr '14 4:52:28 PM
new postU2 Thread21Tue, 8th Apr '14 9:01:01 PM
new postLast music you acquired1,320Tue, 8th Apr '14 3:06:22 PM
new postCirca Zero, Andy Summers' new band11Sun, 6th Apr '14 8:50:45 PM
new postMisheard Song Lyrics444Sat, 5th Apr '14 11:38:29 PM
new postStoner Rock/Metal35Fri, 4th Apr '14 7:47:40 AM
new postSing along the song you're listening to.2,312Thu, 3rd Apr '14 8:37:26 AM
new postIf the internet existed back in the 60's...63Wed, 2nd Apr '14 7:01:37 AM
new postGood-Guy Gregorian Chant Goodness1Wed, 2nd Apr '14 1:56:48 AM
new postSongs that would sound good covered in another genre.24Wed, 2nd Apr '14 1:12:04 AM
new postRate The Above Music Video1Tue, 1st Apr '14 2:40:00 PM
new postSongs you like from bands you hate45Mon, 31st Mar '14 8:55:44 PM
new postMusical Pet Peeves150Mon, 31st Mar '14 8:29:13 PM
new postLive Music160Mon, 31st Mar '14 12:28:14 PM
new postAlt-Metal267Fri, 28th Mar '14 9:54:10 PM
new postKate Bush Thread93Fri, 28th Mar '14 5:37:15 PM
new postRock bands similar to Dethklok8Fri, 28th Mar '14 9:39:57 AM
new postLady Gaga124Tue, 25th Mar '14 4:48:14 PM
new postYour musical affinities/fixations150Tue, 25th Mar '14 4:25:17 PM
new postWorld-embellishing BGM4Mon, 24th Mar '14 10:13:19 PM
new postSongs in your music library that have the same name35Mon, 24th Mar '14 9:21:57 PM
new postRate the song above you on the Moh's Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness159Sun, 23rd Mar '14 9:59:52 PM
new postAny Electric Six fans out there?16Sun, 23rd Mar '14 2:44:26 PM
new postKing Crimson12Fri, 21st Mar '14 7:35:34 PM
new postYour Supergroup51Fri, 21st Mar '14 3:31:45 PM
new postITT: We are in /r/music4Thu, 20th Mar '14 6:01:50 PM
new postIs Rock Really DEAD?!/Opinions are Opinions...204Tue, 18th Mar '14 6:03:28 PM
new postWhy is Elvis considered so great?9Tue, 18th Mar '14 3:40:50 PM
new postAny Other Pink Floyd Fans Out There? 55Tue, 18th Mar '14 3:30:01 PM
new postSongs that should be illegal for cover bands to play157Tue, 18th Mar '14 1:55:05 PM
new postMusic of the 1920s44Tue, 18th Mar '14 3:07:40 AM
new postYour Life On Shuffle168Tue, 18th Mar '14 2:16:09 AM
new postEar Worm that keep coming back at you?3Mon, 17th Mar '14 7:41:01 AM
new postGuilty pleasure songs453Sun, 16th Mar '14 3:08:04 PM
new postWhat genres do you listen to?210Sun, 16th Mar '14 11:58:25 AM
new postModern, experimental, avant-garde music 69Sun, 16th Mar '14 8:12:51 AM
new postTropers Top Tens92Sun, 16th Mar '14 5:09:51 AM
new postBjork42Sat, 15th Mar '14 7:26:01 PM
new postThe best rock band you've never heard are BACK (Afghan Wings)18Sat, 15th Mar '14 8:52:49 AM
new postMake an "Introduction to..." CD of your favourite band212Fri, 14th Mar '14 4:48:38 PM
new postTechnical and Progressive Death Metal.25Fri, 14th Mar '14 12:25:47 PM
new postPono, Neil Young's Music Player and Digital Music Service2Thu, 13th Mar '14 3:14:48 PM
new postIndustrial Thread.71Wed, 12th Mar '14 10:54:30 AM
new postGenres You Like?...12Tue, 11th Mar '14 4:54:49 PM
new postWhat music videos have scarred you for life?72Tue, 11th Mar '14 4:06:07 PM
new postWhat are the longest and shortest tracks in you music library?83Mon, 10th Mar '14 12:21:02 AM
new postRolling Stone's 500 Worst Reviews of All TIme26Sun, 9th Mar '14 6:42:11 PM
new postRun song lyrics through Translation Party!98Sun, 9th Mar '14 2:03:02 PM
new postGrind (Grindcore, deathgrind etc.)13Sat, 8th Mar '14 7:19:00 AM
new postSongs like "Got to Give it Up" and "Blurred Lines"5Fri, 7th Mar '14 11:25:30 AM
new postHow the Tropers Helped Me Save Prom 16Thu, 6th Mar '14 6:59:06 PM
new postChilled music2Thu, 6th Mar '14 6:26:51 PM
new postYour musical 180 turns22Mon, 3rd Mar '14 7:55:39 AM
new postFavorite band ABC's38Mon, 3rd Mar '14 3:29:05 AM
new postElectronic137Sat, 1st Mar '14 9:28:09 PM
new postSongs that you misinterpreted82Sat, 1st Mar '14 5:39:08 PM
new postFavorite and least favorit music video cliches.19Wed, 26th Feb '14 11:58:01 AM
new postRate the song above you on the sliding scale of musical harshness.13Sun, 23rd Feb '14 12:34:58 PM
new postK-Pop!10Fri, 21st Feb '14 4:20:49 AM
new postWeird ways that you've discovered new music24Fri, 21st Feb '14 1:49:45 AM
new postIs American Classic Rock underrated?54Wed, 19th Feb '14 6:08:40 PM
new postLet's make a Classic Rock Crash Course!52Wed, 19th Feb '14 8:26:34 AM
new postSomething Mozart-ish and Contemporary1Sun, 16th Feb '14 2:18:35 AM
new postSongs you hate by bands you like305Sat, 15th Feb '14 6:51:00 PM
new postHow many artist can you link?7Wed, 12th Feb '14 8:09:09 PM
new postAny albums you would consider 9.5+?23Mon, 10th Feb '14 1:56:47 PM
new postMusic of the 1980s15Sun, 9th Feb '14 11:56:33 AM
new postBand revivals/reunions5Sun, 9th Feb '14 8:32:40 AM
new postI Haz A Sad13Sat, 8th Feb '14 12:29:02 PM
new postWhat's your vocal range?129Fri, 7th Feb '14 6:59:07 PM
new postLovemaking Music19Fri, 7th Feb '14 3:57:23 PM
new postSpecific things in songs that you love13Fri, 7th Feb '14 5:09:08 AM
new postSong meanings3Mon, 3rd Feb '14 6:18:22 AM
new postScreaming in Music24Sun, 2nd Feb '14 9:34:26 PM
10 pages in this list
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