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Okay, so I was contemplating a comedic sci-fi series which is basically a Conspiracy Kitchen Sink. Basically, almost everyone and everything on the list is there: the Antichrist, Masonic conspiracy theories, Satanic cults, New World Order, UN, reptilians, the works. They're all separate groups with separate agendas, but they formed a council of their own to discuss ways that they can assist each other in taking over the world. Most of their plans are hilariously complex, and the fact that they are impossible and unlikely is constantly lampshaded. I was considering adding a Jewish conspiracy, but also subverting it by making them Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I'm not an anti-semite by any stretch of the imagination, but is there the possibility I could be misinterpreted to be one?

Do you guys and gals have any suggestions as to how I should handle the characters? kthx

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Context means that only a dumbass would think you were an anti-Semite. If you were an anti-Semite you'd have to also be an anti-UN and anti-freemason and anti-everything else involved.
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Well, I am anti-UN, but for non-conspiracist reasons. And it's not intended to be a work lampshading politics, it's more of a work lampshading conspiracy theories and why they are wrong.
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I know. That's my point.

Just to put the craziest conspiracy theory in the forefront, how about putting the reptilians in charge of the others?
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@P Down - Actually, it works something like this:

All the nations of the world are actually controlled by a handful of underground conspiracies. They send representatives to their own little mock "UN" to solve conflicts between them. When it turned out that aliens existed, some more ambitious members of the Conspiracist UN voted to allow them into the club, expecting to be able to take over two worlds instead of just one. Of course, it turns out that Reptilians are stupid little buggers who come up with the most ridiculous plans, and seem to mostly be in the conspiracy business because they think it's some kind of game.

One of their favorite games is to see how many times they can get politicians to say "New World Order" in their speeches without getting people (besides Alex Jones) suspicious.

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Are we going to be seeing ridiculous, [[Paranoia]]-style Thirty Xanatos Pileup? Because I think that would be awesome.
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So pure.
Ideas for such conspiracies:

Illuminati, two very different factions, one labeled "Bavarian" and the other "Foulest Irredeemable Inhuman Hellspawn and Cause of all the World's Suffering"; the former are an extremely outspoken force of Chaotic Good, heroes with bad publicity and often doomed moral victors whereas the latter are Exactly What It Says on the Tin (latter would be Lawful Evil, mainly because they do their best to make the laws).

Skull and Bones: A group of hedonist yuppies dedicated to "the almighty dollar," unaware or idiotically uncaring of the harm they do the world, and whose schemes to maintain their own wealth, comfort and status actually manage to destroy just as many evil schemes to shift balance of power as good ones (I'm thinking Chaotic Neutral).

Mabusians, a sort of "OC" of a conspiracy but I think a clever one (and I personally have no real story ideas to use them in): A group obsessed with spreading conspiracy theories in order to sow widespread unrest, which will in turn lead to universal government meltdown and an ensuing empire of crime which they shall be the leaders of (Chaotic Evil).

Like? Dislike? :/

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Love. tongue

1. There are several prominent businessmen and other political and religious figures around the world who feel that they must fulfill the End Time prophecies described in the Bible. They want to establish the cult of the Antichrist so that they can convince Jesus to come back and gather all the Christians. Lawful Evil.

2. The Freemasons broke off from the Illuminati in the American Revolution, so that they could found their own country, the United States of America, and make it the Kingdom of God on Earth. They also can't resist the urge to put their symbolism on goddamn near everything. Lawful Neutral.

3. The Illuminati started in Bavaria. They're basically a bunch of hippie rabble-rousers who cause revolutions for the lulz. Chaotic Good.

4. The Elders of Zion just kind of got roped into the conspiracy business so that everyone else would have a scapegoat. ("The Jews did it!") They don't really do much, except occasionally clash with Neo-Nazis. True Neutral.

5. The Round Table, founded in England, wants world peace. They see the Freemasons as too radical and dangerous, and they are always planning to annex America and set them straight. Lawful Good, or as Lawful Good as you can get in this setting...

6. The Wellsian New World Order was made by H.G. Wells, who wanted a scientifically-coordinated world state and a planned economy. This is also the conspiracy that controls banks and currencies and stuff. Lawful Neutral in intention, although a lot of its members nowadays are Neutral Evil.

7. The New Agers are all being controlled by the End Timers to spread the New Age religion of the Tribulation, but the ones who say too much are assassinated. You know all those New-Agers who claim they've been visited by aliens? Yeah, well, they've been visited by fake ones, and now they're spreading the fake gospel to bring about the religion of the Antichrist. Most are Neutral Good, but they're being used.

8. Neo-Nazis are trying to build a Fourth Reich in America. They hate the current government, and they are occasionally violent. They fail miserably, and mostly just scuffle with the Jewish conspiracy. Chaotic Evil.

9. In the 1970s, the Greys and the Reptilians managed to contact Earth. However, they mostly view conspiracy plotting as some sort of game, putting Men in Black and Area 51's everywhere to freak people out. Also, they set up fake aliens to distract people from the real aliens. Chaotic Neutral/Blue and Orange Morality.

10. Transhumanists are trying to create the Singularity with the help of technology. This is also the conspiracy that wants to kill everyone. Lawful Evil.

11. Dan Brown travelled back in time to rewrite history so that Jesus wouldn't actually die on the cross, Mary Magdalene was his wife with whom he had children, and so that the Priory of Sion would carry on information about the Jesus bloodline - all so that he can write a book about it. When the End Timers finally catch up with him send agents to replace the lost historical and political figures to set things right, he goes back in time to kill them, and the process repeats over and over again. Basically, he's a pivotal character in a Time Loop. Neutral Evil.

Yeah, I'm still polishing it. It's got a long way to go.

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How about the Plumbers?
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Is... is that some kind of conspiracy theory I've never heard of?

However, I forgot one thing: The Secret Secret Society. They're so secret that even the conspiracists doubt that they exist.

Ooh, and Laplace's Demon and Maxwell's Demon are both putzing around the narrative too.

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It was the group that Nixon sent out that carried out Watergate.
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They're probably agents of the Freemasons then. Of course, with the Thirty Xanatos Pileup that will inevitably occur...

Okay, the Plumbers appear to be working for Nixon, who wants to be elected President of America. America has been run by Freemasons since its independence. Nixon has been conditioned since birth by the Round Table, and his role is to usurp the presidency. But he fakes defection to the Freemasons, who he sees as having the "more American" philosophy. However, the End Timers, who can't stand having a EVIL HERETIC QUAKER as president, go back in time (yeah, they have a time machine) and send in the "Plumbers" to stage Watergate. When the revised past finally catches up with the present, Nixon's past has been rewritten so he is a terrible person, and he is forced to resign. But Nixon only became Quaker because his parents were influence by the radical ideas of the Illuminati, and the Illuminati just wanted to deprive the Round Table of an important agent by making the End Timers kill him. You see, the Illuminati had the foresight to use their mystical occult techniques that was revealed to them from an unknown source to foresee the possible outcomes in the future. (Turns out, it's Laplace's Demon, who is a real entity who really likes to screw with people.)

Let's add more Xanatos Pileup to this baby.

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