Handwaving a Robot Maid from future.:

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In one of the more lighthearted chapters in my story, (very, Affably Evil and friendly) Big Bad [[Villainsinvites the Five-Man Band to his apartment for some tea. the one who serves the tea, also one of the Quirky Miniboss Squad, happened to be a Robot Maid. The Smart Guy, the resident Deadpan Snarker and the Only Sane Man, of course notices this amd following occurs:
Allen: Uhm, what's with her?
N: Oh, Jane? She's not feeling that well today, what with...
A: No, I mean her (points at the Robot Maid).
N: Her name's Sasha. She makes a good tea.
A: ...I mean, why do you have, I don't know, a honking robot for a maid?
N: Why not?

So, can you casually handwave having a Robot Maid from future as part of Quirky Miniboss Squad?
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How hard is time travel in your verse? Depending on wheather it's just like going down the street, or more like going to the next solar system, the handwave will be more or less effective respectivly.
I'll show you real magic.
[up] An impossibility. No one, zip, none. Even though magic is rather common-place, the closest manipulation is Time Stands Still or rewind the time itself for few seconds or so.

still, she doesn't have that much significance in plot so she's just...there.

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Does it have to come from the future? Could've be that a Mad Scientist somewhere made the maid? It could just be a Cute Mute.

Is it the story with Nathan Grey?
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[up] She's pretty much of an Emotionless Girl, but close enough to a Ridiculously Human Robot. She's something of Moe with dose of Unfunny.

Heh, yes, thank you for remembering that. This is actually about three years from that arc, when he becomes much less of a Complete Monster than he used to be. Still a dangerous and manipulative asshole, but at least not irredeemable.

As far as current draft concerns, he...just found her, like I said before. He had his doubt initially, but just went "What the hell, she's cute. That's good enough for a reason." Given his Anything That Moves tendency...

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