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What Female Traits/Archetype Appeal To Nerdy Males the Best?:

 1 Vorpy, Sat, 29th Jan '11 2:48:40 PM from from from from from from
Unstoppable Sex Goddess
Just so I know, character-building-wise. I don't know what you guys all like. I am building a hybrid side character to detract from the main story for a couple of pages, and I need to find one that the audience would find reasonable attractive, as apposed to my standards which have been pretty warped and got shot down pretty fast.

There are some traits people go "I can't live without it!", while some go "eh", and others go "fucking die, female character!". I would prefer to find traits for the first, not the second or the latter.

So, what would a character need to have for them appeal to you? Don't worry about describing your ideal IRL girlfriend/waifu or anything, just what would draw you to them aesthetically.

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 2 Sand Josieph, Sat, 29th Jan '11 3:00:03 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday
Bigonkers! is Magic
I like people I can root for. I also have a thing for femininity so the mere fact that she's female will be fine with me.
I like say, women or girls that have this "zest-for-life" in them, but they don't worry too much about conforming in with the crowd. Appearance does not matter much to me, except that they don't look oversexualized like the glamorous chicks in things aimed for men. I've one character I described here, for example. Or someone like Utena.

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 4 toalordsothe, Sat, 29th Jan '11 3:25:50 PM from Hell, Michigan
Not a Dong

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 5 aishkiz, Sat, 29th Jan '11 4:00:23 PM from under the stairs
Slayer of Threads
Instead of tailoring your writing towards [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC HERE], I would suggest merely writing good and interesting characters, plots and settings — those have universal appeal. [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC HERE] is not a homogeneous group; it's made up of all sorts of people who like lots of different things. Thus, regardless of what traits/archetypes you use, make them interesting, and members of [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC HERE] will be interested.

yes, I am going to respond this way to all "How do I appeal to [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC HERE]?" threads <.<;
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 6 Madass Alex, Sat, 29th Jan '11 4:07:05 PM from the Middle Ages.
I am vexed!
All people want to be validated, and a part of personal validation can be finding traits you share with a significant other.

So just write the character as normal and add some of the more positive/harmless nerdy traits. Giving the character some kind of obsession that can annoy the other characters might endear her to the geeky amongst us, for instance.
Male nerds are both simple and very complex creatures, so appeal to the lowest based instinct first and then worry about that complexity later.

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[[User Banned]]_ My Pm box ix still open though, I think?
 8 Sand Josieph, Sat, 29th Jan '11 10:57:10 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday
Bigonkers! is Magic
I think a better question would be:What Male Traits/Archetype Appeal To Nerdy Females the Best?
 9 OOZE, Sat, 29th Jan '11 10:59:41 PM from Transsexual,Transylvania
Don't feed the plants!
Well, just me- Whatever traits and archetype Audrey is. So...

  • The Ingenue
  • More attainable than one would initially expect
  • "Not a sadist" considered a major plus
  • Beautiful
  • Taller than me
  • Ludicrously high voice
  • Dies a tragic death by the end of the story.
I'm feeling strangely happy now, contented and serene. Oh don't you see, finally I'll be, somewhere that's green...
"yes, I am going to respond this way to all "How do I appeal to [INSERT DEMOGRAPHIC HERE]?" threads <.<;"


Oh thank god, now I don't have to.

Well, as long as I'm here...

Actually no, I've got one—nerdy Men like females. Most of them. Most nerdy men, I mean. They'll like any females.

 11 Deboss, Sun, 30th Jan '11 1:44:12 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Are you taking a survey?
Actually no, I've got one—nerdy Men like females. Most of them. Most nerdy men, I mean. They'll like any females.

I take that as an offense.
Support Taleworlds!
An Asian fetish tends to be common for nerdy guys in my experience, although I find race fetishism to be creepy personally.
"If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you." —Don Marquis
 14 OOZE, Sun, 30th Jan '11 11:44:59 AM from Transsexual,Transylvania
Don't feed the plants!
I must admit that to be honest, when it comes down to it, I have basically no standards.
I'm feeling strangely happy now, contented and serene. Oh don't you see, finally I'll be, somewhere that's green...
I'm going to be blatant male Nerds are men, ass and breast big ones, appeal to the mans first head.

And I know I'm going to get flack from the Nice Guy nerds, but I'm talking about nerd men as a whole.

as for personality that's harder to type, Moe is popular now days though. Also typing to a demographic is smart to do, writing like anything else is a business and all business have demographic understanding said demographics means you can target who you think will be more likely to buy your stuff.

It's not bad its smart.

edited 30th Jan '11 4:54:11 PM by americanbadass

[[User Banned]]_ My Pm box ix still open though, I think?
^^^^ mission accomplished, I was being facetious. Now imagine entire threads full of people who weren't. Imagine if I said that boys with a particular brand of non-mainstream interests had absolutely no standards beyond the presence of the appropriate reproductive organs and imagine if everyone agreed.

[up] Dae, I see no need to incite heated debate here. Vorpy's simply asking what we (Nerdy Guys) like to see in female characters.

In case you didn't get it yet, Dae, I get offended because you keep bringing this up. Yes, we know your point already. No, we don't need you to pop into every single topic like this and rile things up unnecessarily.

Also, what Q said.
Support Taleworlds!
Consider me gone, but first—omg Q's a man. That is all. =P

Aside from the obvious: fit body, big boobs, cute face, etc. I think the most appealing visual concept to a male nerd would be a female nerd, one who has some or all of the aforementioned obvious visual appeals. This makes her seem more approachable as well as improves the male nerd's imagined success chance (like, if he were to ask her out in real life).

They may still have the ~danger makes sex more exciting~ desire in them, but I think nerds are more likely to be timid in real-life hence why I think the ~more approachable, more feasible~ desire is better in this context.
 21 Eldritch Blue Rose, Wed, 2nd Feb '11 4:16:12 AM from A Really Red Room
The Puzzler
For me I tend to like a more Rounded Character, because sexual appeal rarely  * gets me titillated.  *

Now if this was Real Life... tongue

Dae Brayk: Consider me gone, but first—omg Q's a man. That is all. =P


edited 2nd Feb '11 4:17:54 AM by EldritchBlueRose

So now I know that my lack of success in college is due to ADD — or sleep apnea. I need to do a sleep study some time.
 22 Mr AHR, Wed, 2nd Feb '11 8:48:54 AM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
 23 JHM, Wed, 2nd Feb '11 8:50:05 AM from Neither Here Nor There Relationship Status: I know
Thunder, Perfect Mind
Smart generally goes over well...
 24 Mr AHR, Wed, 2nd Feb '11 8:58:12 AM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
Anyways, suppose I, being the feminist that I am, should comment on this.

There is a difference between asking about a gender, and a trait.

A male and a female are a type of sex.

A nerd is a trait.

Asking what traits are compatible with another trait, while still broad, is not as bad about asking what traits are compatible with a sex.

That being said, nerds of any gender tend to want the best of both worlds. They want someone attractive AND on their level of intellect. Or, if not their level of intellect, someone who really REALLY respects their level of intellect, and would be willing to listen to the nerd go on and on about their topic of preference.

Seeing someone who is attractive reference something that the other person likes is usually great too. The common stereotype is a females playing videogames, or males watching a soap opera that the female also plays, but it goes far far beyond that.

They basically usually desire someone who has all the social grace and composure of a 'normal' person, but all the interests and obsessions that they have.

In other words, pretty much exactly the same as every type of person in the world.

Someone who is attractive, funny, and all that jazz, and a complete love of what the other person loves.

A great example of this is Megan Fox from Transformers. It can be applied to almost any type of fantasized person, really. They either have the same obsession, or are incredibly eager to get into it, and become a fan as a result, as well as being hot.

So what would a nerd want SPECIFICALLY?

Depends. What type of person makes up the nerd? Do they like computers? Math? Science? Comic books?

Do they want an equal? Do they want someone they can nurture and protect? Do they want a superior?

Answer what they like, and what they prefer, and you have the wetdream of said person ready to go.

You either end up with:

  • The Equal:
    • A: Hot person that was just as obsessed with topics as they were.
    • B: Hot person that wasn't obsessed with topics, until they were brought into it by said person.
    • C: Hot person isn't obsessed with topics, but have their own topics of equal obsession, and the two are at a mutual understanding because of it.
  • The Inferior:
    • A: Hot person that doesn't understand the love with the topics, but will let you go on and on about it and probably make mistakes about it all the time for comedy effect.
    • B: Hot person that does understand the topic, but could never help to know it better as the partner, and frequently needs help.
    • C: Faux Action Girl type, where they are superior in everything until it comes down to application, where the partner gets to pull off a hero moment or something to that extent.
  • The Superior:
    • A: Hot person that not only loves the topic more than you do, but is BETTER at it, more obsessed, and more knowleadgable and is STILL somehow more socially graceful than you are...
    • B: Hot person that, while not superior in the topics the partner is interested in, is VERY good with some other idolized trait. Usually the Hot Amazon archetype.
    • C: Mary Sue.

edited 2nd Feb '11 9:31:01 AM by MrAHR

Hot Amazon. I've always liked dominatrix females ever since I saw American pie.
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