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How did you discover TvTropes?:

 76 Fighteer, Thu, 20th Jan '11 1:11:25 PM from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Linked all over the place on the Giant in the Playground forums. I couldn't resist.

I was lurking in a forum - can't remember exactly what, but it was a thread discussing a book - and someone linked here. I seem to recall that forum sent me to a lot of the places I visit regularly now. Pretty good for something I never joined.

 78 Mike B Cda, Sat, 22nd Jan '11 4:30:36 PM from southern Ont.., Canada
My son brought me here nearly a year ago, specifically because it was the easiest way he could think of to find links to videos of the Harry Potter parody (forgot its name) to show me. I've stuck around since, although today's the first time I actually did an edit.

Totally off-topic (maybe someone could steer me to the proper place, please and thanks?) — is there an option-setting somewhere here for displaying the times of posts and other events in my local time? (I'm in Ont., Canada, Eastern Time, GMT-5.) (Edit) Possibly not necessary after all, after posting this I found it was showing in my correct local time. Earlier posts by others, however, are probably quite new judging by minutes past the hour but are typically several hours earlier, most likely the poster's local time.

edited 22nd Jan '11 4:34:31 PM by MikeBCda

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 79 Madrugada, Sat, 22nd Jan '11 4:51:14 PM Relationship Status: In season
You can set the forum time to display on your Forum profile. There's a button at the top of the forums main page. Otherwise, the default is Pacific time (GMT-8)

edited 22nd Jan '11 4:52:11 PM by Madrugada

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Kind of a long story, actually.

I was browsing an art website for a tutorial on how to make my drawings of faces look distinct from one another (I was young, so all my drawings had similar faces back then).

I got this amazing tutorial that explained how much of today's cartoon media suffers from the same stylistic drawback, and then explained how to give faces a unique look. It said it was inspired by an article called "Only Six Faces" and I clicked it. And guess where it took me. And guess how many hours I spent on the wiki that afternoon.

edited 22nd Jan '11 7:48:08 PM by Boredknight

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 81 Jeysie, Fri, 15th Apr '11 7:47:44 AM from Western Massachusetts
Diva of Virtual Death
You folks kind of discovered me, oddly enough. I run a couple sites devoted to adventure game death scenes and kept noticing pages on this "TV Tropes" place I'd never heard of before showing up in my server logs. So I looked at the pages in question out of curiosity and was basically like "OMG this site is awesome why didn't anyone tell me about it before now".

edited 15th Apr '11 7:48:39 AM by Jeysie

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 82 Ekuran, Fri, 15th Apr '11 7:57:17 AM from somewhere. Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
In my 1, 000th or so tab on The Other Wiki, I found this and followed the final link to the Orion's Arm page here.

Best. Link. Ever.grin
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 83 nekoalexa, Fri, 15th Apr '11 7:59:36 AM from the same place I've always been
I was looking up stuff about Avatar: The Last Airbender and came across the page for it.
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 84 Ratix, Fri, 15th Apr '11 8:03:01 AM from Someplace, Maryland
I don't quite remember how I first came upon it, but between various LPs and RPG sites I came to discover the joy that is Super Robot Wars, and the proceeding Wiki Walk kept me here for months on end.

 85 Enzeru, Fri, 15th Apr '11 8:18:50 AM from Orlando, FL ¬ôχಠ♥¯
icon by implodingoracle
Searching Graffiti Kingdom of all things... Why does this site have so much info on a game that doesn't even (technically) exist? Everyone knows about Magic Pengel and Taito (sort of, no-one knows the company's name).

I googled something. Tvtropes came up and it was awesome.

Inexplicable Student
Think it was a article with an attached warning about how it would ruin your life.

I went ahead and checked it out anyway.
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One day, for a reason now lost to the ages, I found myself searching for information about the "rigged piano gag", which led me to the Xylophone Gag page.

It took quite some time for me to understand some tropes like Lampshade Hanging and especially Heel-Face Turn, because we don't have Professional Wrestling (or at least, nothing significant) in France...
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 90 Barkey, Fri, 15th Apr '11 12:58:57 PM from Bunker 051 Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Hours of using a Government Computer in the early AM's on graveyard shifts leads to eventually seeing everything fun that you are allowed to see. I eventually found TV Tropes while I was wiki walking around Babylon 5 stuff, and "Touched By The Vorlons" came about.


I didn't know anything about the wrestling tropes either and I'm an American, so don't feel bad. In fact, feel good that you don't like that crap. ;)

edited 15th Apr '11 1:01:33 PM by Barkey

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Why did it take you a while to get Lampshade Hanging in France? Do the French not have meta-humor?
I want Kat's glasses!
[up]It's more the term itself, it took some time to sink in.

We do enjoy our meta-humor like anyone else, but I don't think we gave it a special name.
They Called Me Mad!! I decided to show them all; but when I looked on my works, oh mighty, I despaired: for it made me realize they were right.
 93 Central Avenue, Fri, 15th Apr '11 1:36:16 PM from Columbus, Ohio
Her Royal Highness
It was the last day of my (online) classes before summer break. I got bored and started searching for unlikely fan theories about Torchwood, and landed here, so of course I had to click all the links and start exploring the site.

(I actually managed to put away the site long enough to finish my work, but for the rest of that summer my nightly routine would be wiki walking TV Tropes, sometimes saving the tabs when I would go to bed, so I could pick up where I left off)

edited 15th Apr '11 1:36:28 PM by CentralAvenue

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 94 captainbrass 2, Fri, 15th Apr '11 2:10:23 PM from the United Kingdom
I was bored at work and actually googled for "tropes" for reasons I can't now remember. Maybe it was the work of a Higher Power...
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 95 Best Of, Fri, 15th Apr '11 2:50:26 PM from Finland Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
a Higher Power

From a^n:

a: "I'm so high..."

n: "I've had more weed than you, so I'm higher. Wheeee!"

Or maybe:

a: "Wow! Climbing a mountain really is hard, but now I'm at the top, the view is great!"

n: "Flying a jet for run, admiring the view... Hey! Isn't that mr. a atop the mountain? Hi, a!"

edited 15th Apr '11 2:50:51 PM by BestOf

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 97 Tuefel Hunden IV, Fri, 15th Apr '11 2:58:22 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
A random google result.
"Who watches the watchmen?"
 98 Best Of, Fri, 15th Apr '11 3:04:39 PM from Finland Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
[up][up]It was a cheap pun. In the equation a^n, n is the power to which a is raised, and so I came up with 2 ways n can be "higher" than something else (in both cases, it's a) so that I'd end up with a "higher power".

Lamest pun ever.

edited 15th Apr '11 3:04:55 PM by BestOf

Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.
I found tv tropes because my older sister always talked about it, so when she linked to Nightmare Fuel on facebook, I clicked on it. I am now slightly addicted to this website.

Slightly addicted? Sounds like someone is in denial!
He who fights bronies should see to itthat he himself does not become a brony. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, Pinkie Pie gazes Also
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