YMMV / Wynonna Earp

The TV Series

  • Cargo Ship: Wynonna really, really loves her motorcycle.
  • Complete Monster: Jack of Blades is the last of the Seven and the nastiest Revenant in the series. A Serial Killer who killed multiple women before being put down by Wyatt Earp, Jack celebrates his return by murdering a woman on the side of the road, then promptly sets about killing whoever he can while corrupting a young doctor by convincing him that rearranging patients' organs can cure them of diseases, while Jack sits back and watches the carnage. Disposing of his erstwhile student, Jack attempts to vivisect Wynonna herself before being defeated. At the end, Jack proceeds to gloat she had succeeded where all of Scotland Yard failed: defeating Jack the Ripper himself.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The Blacksmith (a white-magic user who appears in two episodes before dying) Chrissy Nedley (the only friend of Waverly's who seems to actually be worth the label).
    • Officer Haught qualifies as well, appearing in nine of the thirteen season one episodes but only having anything resembling significant screentime in three of them (7, 9, and 12). She's so popular that she's frequently included by fans in anything involving the main characters, and there have been rampant campaigns to make her a series regular if the show gets a second season.
  • Les Yay: There actually is some between Nicole and Wynonna, due to their scenes in Walking After Midnight.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Revenants. The fact that they take on an outwardly human appearance until they reveal just how much Hell has changed them.
  • Narm: A lot of the drama in the two flashback scenes involving Wyatt and Doc's last two meetings gets shot down by the actor playing Wyatt' incredibly thick Canadian accent. For the record, the real Wyatt was born and raised in the American Midwest.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: The fandom has two; Wa Haught for Waverly and Nicole, and Wynaught for Wynonna and Nicole.

The Comic book

  • Anti-Climax Boss: At the end of the "Home on the Strange" arc, Wynonna is confronted by the "him" who even the other immortal Cowboys are afraid of Johnny Ringo. It's set up to be an epic fight, but then Wyatt's ghost distracts Ringo, giving Wynonna a chance to shoot him in the back.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Dr. Sasha Tarasov.