YMMV / Wynonna Earp

The TV Series

  • Cargo Ship: Wynonna really, really loves her motorcycle.
  • Complete Monster: The Jack of Knives. He is Jack the Ripper after all. He continues his trend of butchering women by even taking on a protege and tricking him into believing that a person's organs can being taken out and rearranged to cure them of potential illness. He almost does the same to Wynonna before she is rescued by Doc and Dolls.

The Comic book

  • Anti-Climax Boss: At the end of the "Home on the Strange" arc, Wynonna is confronted by the "him" who even the other immortal Cowboys are afraid of Johnny Ringo. It's set up to be an epic fight, but then Wyatt's ghost distracts Ringo, giving Wynonna a chance to shoot him in the back.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Dr. Sasha Tarasov.