YMMV / Wonder Girl

  • Replacement Scrappy: Cassie to some Donna fans.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks / It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Donna Troy in DC Rebirth, namely that her New 52 past hasn't been retconned, and she was still an evil clay version of Wonder Woman who hates men. A lot of people were completely happy with the idea of Abnett starting fresh with the character and giving her her Silver Age origin back like it seemed he did at first, given that her New 52 incarnation was not liked. Instead, her entire life is based on false memories given to her by the Amazons, which comes off as more than a little insulting given that Wonder Woman and the Amazons highly value truth! You can tell by the bit where Wonder Woman has a friggin' lasso that channels the concept! Not only that, but there's just the matter of how it works, given that the New 52 Amazons, including those that created Donna, were revealed to be an illusion in Wonder Woman (Rebirth)! And of course there are others are who are just sick of Donna's Continuity Snarl and would've preferred that Abnett fixed the New 52 version without retconning her history like he did or just follow through with the Silver Age origin.