YMMV / Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

  • Awesome Art: What else do you expect from the makers of AKIRA?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Bimbette Skunk for Fanservice reasons. Most Fanon usually has her as Fifi's Perfecto counterpart, though later interpretations have been increasingly turning her into Fifi's Friendly Rival.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Buster and Babs telling Superman to get his own video. A few years later, Superman: The Animated Series aired. Not only did it have the same crew as Tiny Toon Adventures, but the 3-parter World's Finest originally premiered as a television movie in prime time, which was then almost immediately released on home video as The Batman Superman Movie.
  • Never Live It Down: To this very day and age, there is still hate art and Revenge Fics being made against Johnny Pew for his treatment of Fifi over the course of this movie.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • Bimbette Skunk. She only appears for a brief few seconds to serve as the catalyst that pushes Fifi past her Rage Breaking Point with Johnny, but going off most Fanon, you'd swear she was a major character in the show. .
    • The insane hitchhiker who attacks Plucky in the car. On one of the regular episodes (a music video collection featuring a take on "Yakkity Yak"), he was also an escaped convict who hides out in the laundromat while Plucky is cleaning clothes.
    • Johnny Pew, considering this was the only appearance in the Tiny Toon Adventures series, albeit it for entirely different reasons.
  • She Really Can Act: Even with that French accent, Kath Soucie manages to make Fifi's rant at Johnny Pew very believable. You can just feel the anger.
  • Signature Scene: If there's one thing most people who watched the movie back in the day remember about it, it's Fifi's Rage Breaking Point moment towards Johnny, despite said scene being part of what could be considered the C plot of the movie. Granted, it was a really memorable scene, so...
  • The Woobie: Babs and Buster, because they spent their entire summer vacation floating down the river and were nearly eaten multiple times.
    • Fifi la Fume, although her epic rant at Johnny Pew almost cancels it out.
    • And Plucky. Dear Lord in heaven, Plucky. All he wants to do is go to Happy World Land, so Hamton's family takes him along. Little does Plucky know he is in for a road trip from hell. Hamton's family:
      • Brings their own food to a drive-in; Dad cuts Plucky off when he tries to order anything.
      • Leaves Plucky alone in a hot car while they sterilize a gas station restroom, with Plucky almost dying of thirst. By the time Plucky gets to a fountain, they're ready to leave.
    • Speaking of the hot car, Hamton's father won't use air conditioning because it wastes gas, but Hamton's mom won't let anybody roll down their windows either, because "People would think we can't afford air conditioning!"
      • Later, the clueless parents pick up a psychotic hitchhiker who is obsessed with pork/duck meat. How they make it to Happy World Land alive is a mystery for the ages, but let us not forget the coup de grace:
      • Plucky and Hamton's family have finally reached Happy World Land, and Plucky is thrilled. Yet the gang takes one ride on the parking lot monorail, turns around, and goes straight home, using the excuse that they don't want to overdo it.