YMMV / The Simpsons S 6 E 9 Homer Badman

  • Harsher in Hindsight: Homer's whole plight becomes more uncomfortable when, in 2014, an article in Rolling Stone discussed the story of a rape at the University of Virginia, bringing strong support for the victim, including fines and suspensions, until other investigative journalists discovered that the entire story was a hoax. Unlike this episode, the reporter was blasted for not even attempting to corroborate the story.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Homer's plan to move under the sea and Marge's assumption that it won't happen becomes funnier after "Future Drama".
  • Inferred Holocaust: While escaping the candy convention at the beginning, Homer mixes poprocks and cola and turns it into a grenade, causing a massive explosion and presumably killing hundreds. This is never mentioned once afterwards.
    • It isn't uncommon for more important stories to be overshadowed by exaggerated scandals like Homer's alleged sexual assaulting.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Many people seem to believe that this episode exists to make fun of feminists and people who accuse others of sexual assault.
  • Memetic Molester: Homer drooling lustfully at the Venus gummy candy on Ashley's crotch area, before making a grab for it ... even though that is exactly what Homer is clearly wanting (the candy), not to satisfy a sexual desire.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Editing news for entertainment purposes, as well as over-the-top or wrongful accusations, can destroy peoples' lives, and you shouldn't believe everything you hear on TV.
  • Values Resonance: Much like the movie Network, this story is still considered a spot-on satire against how scandals (particularly sexual ones) are sensationalized by the media in this day and age, despite being a cartoon from 1994 (and, had the writers used the original idea of Homer and Lisa arguing over "the double standard" between men and women, it still would have been relevant, as it's one of those things about modern society that hasn't been resolved over time). The writers acknowledged this in the DVD commentary, even arguing that things have gotten worse since this episode originally aired.
  • The Woobie: Homer is undeservedly put through hell by the producers of Rock Bottom and the ensuing mass media storm.