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YMMV: The Infinite Loops

Common to all Loop series:

  • Adaptational Heroism: Some characters that were villainous in the baseline has mellowed out since they have started Looping.
    • Adaptational Villainy: Likewise, some characters that were heroic in the baseline have been broken by the Loops.
  • Chaotic Neutral: The loopers possibly consider themselves Above Good and Evil and no longer apply for any of the other alignments.
    • Chaotic Good: The Equestrian Loopers strive for a Neutral Good outlook through their enforcement of their Sanctuary Loop declaration, but the pranking and other shenanigans — not to mention having Discord among their looping population — tend to nudge them toward the Chaotic side.
      • The Jojo Loopers appear to be of the Chaotic Good alignment as well. Besides pulling a few pranks to keep themselves amused, they still act more or less like the heroes they were.
    • Neutral Good: Phoenix Wright, on the other hand, is the same as ever. Considering how much of a cosmic Chew Toy he was during the baseline, this shouldn't be too surprising.
  • Creator's Pet: Some have called the Jojo Loopers as this.
    • In fact, it's possible that the entire setting has reached this level, with the writers for it insisting that the only thing that can hurt Stands in the entire multiverse are things that one must get from the Jojoverse, meaning that anybody who doesn't learn such tricks are going to have trouble regardless of how powerful they are.
  • Mutually Fictional: Not always the case, but often. The more forward thinking Loopers tend to collect large stashes of fiction from many different loops, so that they are as certain as possible to have an effective "guidebook" to wherever they end up next. Some even carry copies of their own stories to give out during fused loops.
    • Revealed in the MLP Loops to be deliberate — since there is only one Yggdrasil system in the multiverse, a full independent system backup is not possible as they have only one server cluster to store the multiverse on. So as a partial solution they use a RAID-esque data striping technique, deliberately caching information about each Loop in redundant chunks spread out as background data amongst other Loops. Or: Fiction exists about the setting of Loop A as books/movies/etc. available to be read in Loop B because that's how the backup archive of Loop A manifests when its copied over into Loop B's assigned partition as inactive files. Not every Loop contains fiction about every other Loop, though, with the exception of the "Hub Loop" (our own real world), the master backup archive, which has an in-setting fictional work of some kind for every existing Loop.
  • Uncanny Valley: Loopers sometimes regard nonloopers as disturbingly static versions of their friends and family. So far, Phoenix Wright and the eight Joestars are the only exceptions.

Innortal's Loops:

  • Nightmare Fuel: Implications of the premise aside, the loopers themselves manage to be this as well. They've become so powerful, and yet so bored. So they think of creative ways to pass the time. However, the Time Abyss has resulted in them loosing most of their morals and misgivings. They are no longer the characters we know and love; they are half-insane, unkillable, unpunishable hedonists with severe PTSD.
    • In general, the male loopers prank each other or people who've annoyed them in ways that would be considered dangerous at best, deadly at worst. The female loopers frequently rape or gang rape the male loopers and non looping characters. And nobody ever stops them, because nobody can.
      • However this is, as befitting the page, very YMMV. A lot of the sex stuff is either meant for jokes or, as was revealed in the original Fanfiction Forum threads, for Development of characters. In general Innortal tends to steer away from the sex jokes in later loops.
      • As befits his style of writing, any time a woman shows up to jump Ranma is played for laughs. The pranking is usually inflicted between the original five loopers themselves.

The MLP Loops:

  • Crack Pairing: Berry Punch and Discord have started dating in recent loops. Also an ironic development, given that she originally turned him down (while they were both Awake) in loop 44.9.
  • My Real Daddy: Some consider Saphroneth to be this to the loops format.
    • It got to the point where Twilight was going to name a world she made after him, but he cut that out due to embarrassment. And fourth wall breakage.
  • What an Idiot: A non-looping Blueblood attempted a palace coup against a more-or-less united front of Celestia, Luna, Discord, Cadance, Chrysalis, Sombra, Princess Twilight, Shining Armor (ascended to Alicorn), and Spike (as an advanced great wyrm Emperor of the Dragons). Would have been Too Dumb to Live, except he survives because they don't think he's worth the minimal effort to curb-stomp.
    Twilight Sparkle (literally ROFL): You just tried to assassinate eight deities and a Greater Dragon!
    Blueblood (armed only with a knife): Errr... parlay?
  • The Woobie: Chrysalis, once she becomes a Looper. Her first loop was "Slavequestria", where she and a non-Awake Shining Armor were Happily Married and helping runaways as part of La Résistance. Then the loop reset, and she was horrified to find that all the terrible things she did in canon were not All Just a Dream, as well as heartbroken that the Shining she had loved no longer exists, with the Awake Shining Happily Married to Cadence. She's left horribly depressed for many loops afterwards, and even though she's now in a steady relationship with Awake Trixie, it's clear she still misses her version of Shining.


  • Magnificent Bastard: Haseo seems to be shaping up into one of these, with the amount of time he has spent with Shiroe in Log Horizon Fused Loops. Most noticeably is that he used the things he learned from such experiences to gain enough influence in CC Corp to throw Sakaki out of the job he blackmailed them for without very much difficulty at all.

Other Loops:

  • Nightmare Fuel: The setup for the Megaman Loops. Their universes are so fractured and fragmented by whatever broke Yggdrasil (it's implied that the Megaverse was closest to 'ground zero', and was thus hit the hardest) that every loop attempt shown so far (over 25) has broken down, with the last attempt to make Protoman an anchor collapsing in under 10 seconds. And as already shown by the My Little Pony loops, it''s going to get worse before it gets better...
    • The beginning of the Fire Emblem loops is this as well. Robin is the anchor, meaning that everything he remembers, Grima does too. Needless to say, Grima gets creative fast, Chrom and Lucina wake up to truly horrible loops, and Robin is trapped in his own mind for ages, watching his friends get tortured and killed over and over again. This setup ends after one chapter, thankfully.
      • However, this setup is followed by chapter 2, where attempts to stabilize the Fire Emblem loops repeatedly fail due to an unknown factor royally screwing everything up. The major contributor to the problem, Time Travel (ironically enough) is universally despised by every observer, who are doing their best to stop the Fire Emblem universe from looping. They are, unfortunately, Well Intentioned Extremists who will do what they think is necessary to achieve this goal...which means attempting to railroad and outright neuter as much of the random factor Robin brings into the equation. This comes to a head when it's discovered that Morgan, merely by existing, is the one responsible for the looping, and the higher-ups keep rewriting everything in order to ensure Morgan, as we know them, never comes to be, including manipulating Robin's code to the point that they set up an entirely new baseline where Robin is female and married to Chrom. Even the universe's administrators are disgusted by the "solution"note  Thankfully, thanks to Robin being a huge Determinator who firmly believes in Screw Destiny and one of the higher-ups acting as a Spanner in the Works, the universe begins to destabilize again, and are finally allowed to loop, thus beginning the Fire Emblem loops proper in Chapter 3.
    • Dio Brando's introduction snip in The Grand Battle of Pelennor. It's heavily implied that he fed all the members of Xcution to his zombie minions except Ginjo and Riruka, sexually assaulted her while her now mind-controlled leader and friend watched, began feeding on her blood, before throwing her body to a Zombie-fied Haku and Zabuza for them to devour. Made even worse when you realize that the Zombies now have a slavish devotion to Dio, so Haku and Zabuza can't really stop themselves from doing the horrible act.

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