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YMMV: The Great God Pan
  • Evil Is Sexy
  • Nightmare Fuel: This story managed to given Stephen King some nights of nightmares.
    "[The Great God Pan] surmounts its rather clumsy prose and works its way relentlessly into the reader's terror-zone. How many sleepless nights has it caused? God knows, but a few of them were mine. I think 'Pan' is as close as the horror genre comes to a great white whale."
    - From the endnotes to his short story collection Just After Sunset
  • Values Dissonance: Raymond's justification for using Mary as a test subject goes completely unchallenged:
    "As you know, I rescued Mary from the gutter, and from almost certain starvation, when she was a child; I think her life is mine, to use as I see fit."
  • The Woobie: Poor Mary and Trevor.

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