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YMMV: Tales of the World
  • Broken Base: On the Radiant Mythology side, people are split on who the best healers are. The arguments usually are whether or not Estelle, Mint, or Tear is the best healer, nevermind the fact that the above three are only a few of the healers in game.
    • In general bringing up ideal parties is treading on Flame Bait.
  • Game Breaker: The third game introduces such a large cast that many just make the game a cake walk.
    • Van. He's a Glass Cannon sure but he's got amazingly high magic attack and all of his magic artes are high end spells like Judgement or Frigid Coffin.
    • Emil also too. He's got great speed and yet really damn power artes.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Most people buy the games simply because hey, it's a crossover game including fanfavorites like Yuri Lowell and Asbel and you can use them anyway you see fit.
  • No Export for You: All of the games in typical Tales of fashion, save the first Radiant Mythology game, have not been localized.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Since each game has such a large amount of characters, some are not very useful.
    • Chat is one because she has four artes, none of which are really strong. The only useful thing about her is her ability to spam attacks in Radiant Drive.
    • Asch too is one mainly because he's a Master of None. He's a Magic Knight sure but he has no highend spells, no healing, and he's a bit clunky. Luke has most of his artes but is stronger, Jade is a better spellcaster, and Van is a Magic Knight with much better artes and stats.
    • Judith, which is sad because it's only because her artes were implemented in weirdly and she can't combo very well.
    • Annie mainly because her fighting style is by making glyphs that ether buff or heal...which is a issue when you have a 3D style that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to use it.

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