Awesome / Tales of the World

Radiant Mythology

  • The fact that you can create your own character and interact with other characters from the franchise is already awesome on it's own.
  • Start the game by finding out you are the hope for humanity and save a girl who will become one of your closest friends? Not bad.

Radiant Mythology 2

  • The opening animation was badass, even the Descender was kicking ass.
  • You no longer need to have high affinity in order to recruit party members. thank God.
  • Mystic Arts will now hit the enemy even if you are away from them. That shouldn't had been a thing in the the first game. *
  • Kanonno Earhart is given her own Mystic Art, which became a staple for the Kanonno's.

Radiant Mythology 3

  • Character duels, will require you to fight solo, with an awesome battle theme from their respective game.
  • You are allowed to change which music will play in what situation e.g. battle, boss, final boss etc.
  • Extra dungeons, and extra bosses.
  • You can have all of the three Kanonno's in your party! Love Beat!