Funny / Tales of the World

Considering their nature as crossover games, funny moments are guaranteed.

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     Radiant Mythology 
Chester doesn't seem to enjoy seeing the Protagonist and Mormo talk to Kanonno. I wonder why......

     Radiant Mythology 2 
  • You'll never have a bad moment with Janis around. Except when the Protagonist's party is too late to prevent Goede from awakening. Thanks Janis.......try to be careful next time.
    • Hearing him speaking english is very entertaining.
  • Your interactions with Guy as a female Descender are rather funny.

     Radiant Mythology 3 
  • Before going to Elan Vital, you can Tease Rita if she's worried about you. At the end she'll whisper to herself, that she wants you to return safe. Becomes a bit of Ship Tease, with Heartwarming. What's so funny is how she reacts to it.
  • Seeing as how many characters, got into the 3rd incarnation of the Radiant Mythology, you're bound to see many entertaining skits.
  • Fellow guild members Mint Adenade, Rubia Natwick, and Will Raynard tell the legend of the Descenders to the Protagonist, along with Kannono, who recognizes the Protagonist may be connected to the legend since the way he or she appears is similar as the description of the legend. Telling the legend of the Descender to the actual Descender who doesn't know they are the Descender.
  • Zelos, making moves to your Descender if you choose to play as a female.
  • Rocks reaction to the other Kanonnos.
  • If the Protagonist's returns in the epilogue, Depending on the player's dialogue choices, Rocks will remark that, either Ange has gotten fat for eating too much the Protagonist's favorite foods and is unable to stay slim or how she seems to be getting older like an old lady from overworking. The Protagonist will either be given many quests at once or receive an earful scolding from Ange, much to Kanonno's dismay. Just so you know, the latter involves you getting your ass beat by Ange.