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YMMV: Tales from the Darkside
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • "If the Shoe Fits". And that's saying something.
    • "Barter", which is essentially half "Tales" goodness and half "I Love Lucy".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "Love Hungry" is about this lady who buys a magic hearing aid and pair of glasses as a weight loss treatment and begins to see and hear her food talking to her, that episode aired in 1988, 21 years later we got The Annoying Orange, even funnier, two of the fruits she made friends with were an apple and a pear making this even funnier.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • "Answer Me" : Whatever the malevolent presence in the adjacent room was, a telephone, it was trying to break through the wall, right where the protagonist's bed is...
      • Just the whole idea of strange, persistent noises coming from a next-door apartment you know is empty and whose occupant recently died violently. And then there's the protagonist's conversation with "the operator"...
    • "Trick or Treat" : A hated and spiteful old man with an obsession for documenting and exploiting debts owed to him, offers trick-or-treaters the chance to search his house for their parents' mortgages, only to terrify them with animatronic "spirits." Unfortunately for him, the old man finds himself the victim of a particularly frightening trick-or-treater, namely a real demon.
    • "Halloween Candy": A misanthropic old man torments trick-or-treating children and is visited by a rather terrifying goblin demanding MORE candy. Believed by many to be the most disturbing episode, along with "Ursa Minor", and "The Geezenstacks".
    • "Madness Room": A sleazy couple trick an old husband into having a heart attack by playing a Ouija board to lead them to a dark hidden room, only for the husband to drop the (only) key to outside into a crack of the room's floorboard... Then a fire suddenly starts up- they're all locked in the hidden room. Cue screaming and coughing.
    • "Ursa Minor": A little girl blames her new teddy bear for various pranks in her parent's house. They do not believe her-until giant claw marks on the walls and lumbering sounds at night convince them. The mother destroys the teddy, but forgets one of the most basic rules of the wild — harm the child, and you must meet the mother...
    • "The Geezenstacks": A father realizes his daughter's dollhouse can change their family's future when the dolls were played with, yet only he believes in it. Things become strained in the household until near the end... when the dollhouse transports the whole family into it, like all of its other owners. ... Also, the violin music didn't make things better.
    • And, of course, "The Cutty Black Sow": On Halloween, a boy is warned by his dying great-grandmother about the Cutty Black Sow, a Celtic demon that steals the souls of those who die on All Hallow's Eve, and tries to prevent it from getting hers.
      • And guess what? While he saves his grandmother's soul, the creature takes his! No Infant Immortality here!
    • The opening introduction music/narration. That is all.
    • "Inside The Closet", featuring a mysterious, child-sized door in a woman's bedroom. A touch of Uncanny Valley at the reveal, but horrifyingly suspenseful until that point.
    • HUSH. A child creates an odd looking mechanism that was programmed to stop all the noise annoying those he loves. It works too well... Namely, it takes the life out of the thing that's making the noise! Seeing the machines being robbed of their noise is okay, but what's NOT okay is that horrible nozzle and noise of the machine itself. Also, a parrot and the boy's MOTHER fall before it! PAINFULLY. The world is certainly a better place when the babbysitter makes the machine suck out its own life (however that works).
  • Nightmare Retardant: The series finale. Seriously, a momma's boy wrestler (said momma is his manager) fights a demon from hell.
    • The monster from "Inside the Closet." looked like an aborted Muppet...
    • The Cutty Black Sow in ... "The Cutty Black Sow". ...seriously, look me in the eye and TELL me it doesn't look like a black-furred ALF.
  • Tear Jerker: The ending of "Miss May Dusa". May catches sight of herself in the mirror and turns into a statue again, her blind boyfriend goes in to find her, only to get shot by the burglar from the opening. He dies, not three feet away from the May-statue, weakly calling out for her.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The mother in the closing minute of "Ursa Minor". Yeah, don't bother climbing out of your window and escaping with your daughter. Screaming in the corner, while Ursa Major is about to break down the door with her arm and enter the room is CLEARLY safer! ...sigh...

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