Heartwarming / Tales from the Darkside

  • The episode "The Tear Collector".
  • The ending of "Word Processor of the Gods". Richard finally got the life he wanted.
  • The ending to "The Spirit Photographer" in a... weird sense...
  • "Ring Around The Redhead". Billy is about to be executed for a murder he didn't do. Before the execution, he is interviewed by a journalist named Adele. He tells a strange tale about finding an inter-dimensional portal and then caring for a beautiful woman named Keena who falls through it. Eventually, her people took her and the portal back by force and killed Billy's friend for trying to exploit the portal for profit and killing someone with it. Adele dismisses this as nonsense. Billy is strapped to the electric chair and the switch is flipped, but Keena appears and freezes time. She explains that she told her people that she loved him and convinced them to let her save him. They teleport back to her home world. As time unfreezes, everyone is baffled that Billy vanished, but Adele smiles and realizes he was telling the truth all along. She calls her superior, who asks how the execution went, and she says, "I've got a better story. It's a love story..."
  • The ending to "Distant Signals". Even if the show was unpopular on Earth, "Max Paradise" is beloved and popular on a distant planet, where they'll be happy to know the series has been given a proper conclusion. In fact, the last shot of the episode is of Van and the show's director discussing the prospect of it all.