Heartwarming / Tales from the Crypt

  • Despite it all, "Lower Berth" manages to be one of these. Enoch and Myrna were able to scrape up a year of happiness together and conceive the Crypt Keeper. Before passing on, Enoch apparently gave baby Cryptie the doll the little girl at the circus once gave him — and even as a desiccated, Affably Evil, pun-slinging adult, he still has it.
  • The love story between Devlin and Stacey in "The Thing From the Grave". When Devlin discovers that Stacey's Jerk Ass boyfriend is physically and emotionally abusing her, he quietly offers her an extra key to his apartment because he's "worried for her safety". While there's clearly sexual tension between them, you can tell that he genuinely cares about her and wants her to be happy. After she takes him up on his offer, he gives her a necklace imbued with the power of a Mayan god: if you make a promise while you’re holding it, no matter what, you will keep that promise; Devlin promises that he will always keep her safe. And he does, literally coming back from the grave (after being murdered by Stacey's boyfriend) to save her from being killed.