Awesome: Tales from the Crypt

  • In "Fitting Punishment," Ezra cripples his nephew Bobby with a crowbar in a fit of rage and later kills him due to the resulting burden. He even saws off Bobby's feet to stick him in a small coffin in order to dispose of the body. The following night, the severed feet kick Ezra down the stairs, crippling him. And then Bobby shows up in person with a crowbar of his own.
  • "The Secret" concludes with one of these moments where the young orphan protagonist is adopted by an affluent couple who really don't regard him much. He befriends their servant who is tragically killed by the couple when they reveal themselves to be vampires. At the end though, the child's "secret" is that he is a werewolf and, as Narmy as the revelation is, it's just so pleasant to watch him take both the vampires out.
  • The ending to "Revenge is the Nuts," starting with Benny finally standing up to his monstrous brother Mr. Grunwald to save Sheila from being raped by Grunwald and ending with the blind residents of the home finally turning the slimy bastard's own guard dog loose on him.
  • In the ending Book Ends segment for "Dead Wait", Whoopi Goldberg intimidates The Crypt Keeper. It's awesome, funny, and even a little creepy in its own right.
  • The narrator of "You, Murderer" managing to get his final revenge on his double-crossing wife and best friend despite being a completely inanimate corpse, thanks to their own bungling stupidity.
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