Funny / Tales from the Darkside

  • The entire episode "Deliver Us From Goodness," which is also a pretty light-hearted, humorous episode, a sharp contrast to the tone of the other episodes.
  • The ending of "Seymourlama". The obnoxious teenage boy finally gets what's coming to him when it is revealed that he isn't the next Dalai Lama. His parents, whom he had been bossing around the entire episode, kick his ass.
  • The end of "Monsters in My Room" when the bogeyman pokes his head around the closet door, sees Seth Green's character shoot him a Death Glare, gives a terrified little scream, and ducks back out of sight.
  • At the end of "the Trouble with Mary Jane" the two exorcists manage to get the two demons out of Mary Jane only the demons end up possessing them, with the female demon in the man's body and vice-versa. Needless to say they end up squabbling with each other again.
  • The mummy in "The Grave Robbers" is nothing short of hilarious, it's hard to be afraid of a mummy being played by the guy who did the voice of Top Cat.
  • Count Draco wearing sunglasses.
  • The end of "Red Leader", when Corrupt Corporate Executive Hayes ends up in Hell and immediately starts schmoozing Red:
    Hayes: All right, Red, what kind of a deal are we really talking about here? I want salary, commissions, stock options, a car..
    Red: That's my boy!
  • What did it take Grandpa in "A Case of the Stubborns" to make him finally realize he was dead? Sneezing his nose clean off.
    Jodie: If that ain't proof... I don't know what is.
  • At one point during "Distant Signals", right before the cut to commercial, both Hurn and Smith confirm that Van Conway, the original actor of "Max Paradise" is dead. After the fade to black, we see... Van Conway in his apartment, referring to himself in the third person.
    Van Conway: Van Conway is dead. Dead, dead, dead. The actor, Van Conway, is dead.
  • Towards the ending of "Do Not Open This Box", Charlie finally finishes his latest invention. His wife Ruth, whose soul is inside said-box, casually insults how the invention won't work.
  • The rather abrupt way "The Odds" ends: after it seems like Tom Vale managed to avoid dying due to setting the clock ahead, he starts laughing about it, remarking how he's going to die laughing. Cue the clock's alarm going off.