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YMMV: Son of the Mask
  • Fridge Horror: One might wonder what Alvey is gonna do once he's a grown up. (Hopefully his parents will teach him right and wrong enough to avoid this})
  • Fridge Logic:
    • Wasn't Loki trapped inside the Mask before? As a half-assed answer to this, the sequel declares the source of this plot point (Dr. Neuman) to be unreliable, and retcons the Mask's history in the first scene, so as to get it out of the way and get right to the new stuff. In The Mask, it's Neuman who delivers the exposition regarding the Mask's connection to Loki. In the beginning of the sequel, Neuman returns to relate Loki's back-story to a museum tour group, ending it with Loki's binding. The actual Loki happens to be in the group, disproving (and loudly objecting to) Neuman's mythology.
      • But even that was a massive retcon. There was a scene filmed for the first movie, though cut for time, showing vikings carrying the wooden mask across the ocean and burying it because it had Loki himself trapped inside. The comic adaptation of the film also includes this same scene with enough exposition to confirm that, yes, Loki himself was sealed away.
    • So the mask removes all inhibitions and self-control. Why is it that until now no one, throughout the entire history of man, got the mask, got laid, and made a God-Baby?
      • Because up until that point, everyone who had gotten the Mask either became insanely greedy, violent or lustful for the sake of lust; Tim was the first one whose biggest hang-up wasn't any of that but specifically having a baby.
    • For someone who is really pissed about Loki's mask causing so much trouble for humans, why doesn't Odin just possess Tim and grab the mask from his home at... well, any point he likes?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Alan Cumming, a veteran of a Marvel movie adaptation, playing Loki.
  • Special Effects Failure: Most, if not all, of Alvey's effects. Depressingly, the movie's lead FX house was Industrial Light and Magic!
    • Otis also looks way too "cartoonish" when masked, but that was more than likely intentional.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: A boy with Mask powers, a dog that wears the Mask, and the maker of the Mask; all Reality Warpers and all mischievous. This had the making of a wild Crazy Awesome comedy; one scene even had the first and third play Super Twister ending with Loki planning to be a Big Brother Mentor, but only at the end. The potential here is just not exploited.
  • The Scrappy: Almost everybody (except arguably Loki)! But Alvey is the most prominent example.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Everyone.note 
  • Uncanny Valley: Alvey. You can always tell when he's about to use his powers, because he'll morph from a regular baby into some CGI abomination right before using any special effects.
    • Tim Avery is also pretty unsettling when he's wearing the mask, with his fake-looking green face and obviously plastic hair. The fact that the camera is often zoomed in on it does not help.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Almost all the sequences that attempt to be funny or which show the Mask's powers. Especially the subplot about Otis and Alvey, with its length and Uncanny Valley.

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