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Funny: Son of the Mask
  • Say what you will - there's at least one moment that was Actually Pretty Funny.
    Loki: This is a fake!
    Dr. Neuman: Yes, but it's a good fake.
    (Loki throws the mask at Dr. Neuman's face)
    Dr. Neuman: Ow.
  • "And then Loki said, let there be a brick wall."
  • When Tim puts on the mask to save Alvey from Loki, this happens:
    Tim: Hey, Loki... (walks up to the camera and pulls out a telephone) GIMME BACK MY SON!
    Loki: Um... no. (zips away)
  • Loki and Odin pull the old "synchronise watches" trope with hourglasses.
  • This little gem:
    Loki: Thanks for dropping by!
    Security Guard: Dropping?
    Loki: Bye! (stomps on the floor, creating a hole underneath the security guards. They look down, then look back up before falling through the hole.)
  • This:
    Jamie: Say dada!
    Alvey: (in an overly masculine voice) MOTHER.
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