Nightmare Fuel / Son of the Mask
  • This deleted scene is this, Getting Crap Past the Radar, Squick and What Do You Mean, It's for Kids? all rolled into one.
  • Alvey as a Deranged Animation baby, the dog when wearing the mask, Loki's transformations, the vampire baby dream sequence and the zoom in shoots to Odin.
  • Hey, a murderous transvestite-punk-god. Hey, a man with a sliced-off face. Hey, a baby is about to be fed shards of glass and electrocuted. Hey, Daddy is beating up Mommy and trying to strangle her. Hey, Daddy is attacked by a literal fountain of pee. Family Fun!
  • When Alvey is being encouraged to say "Daddy", he answers with a deep, adult male voice "Mother". Just picture your own child doing that.
  • Why don't we just go ahead and say ALL of the imagery in this fucking film is this crossed with very heavy doses of Uncanny Valley?