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YMMV: Sinister
  • Fridge Horror: Bughuul lives in images and kills the people who see them. How many people saw this movie?
    • Bughuul & the kids he possesses live in videos of the families being murdered. Depending on how that works, it's possible that the families get murdered all over again every time someone watches the movies.
    • The tapes that wind up in Elliot's attic both times. If Bughuul's servants still exist on the physical plane, this means they're likely the ones actually physically leaving them. While the supernatural factor is scary enough, the idea that there are people physically breaking into your house is...unsettling.
    • More Fridge Tragedy than anything, but if Elliot had thought to delete the files before moving back into his old house, he likely wouldn't have been killed.
  • Narm: The whole thing with Bughuul's children making a shush gesture after EVERY FRICKIN' REEL on the "extended cut endings" gets old and cheesy after the first time, especially with the little Kubrick Stare they all give.
    • Bughuul looks a bit like either a member of Slipknot or the Ultimate Crack Smoking Warlock.
    • The ghost kids frolicking around Ellison gets a lot less scary with each kid.
  • Hell Is That Noise: All the songs used during the Super 8 reel sequences. Don't listen to this if you're alone and/or in the dark...
  • Epileptic Trees: Before this movie came out (and before this movie was really explained)) some people were under the impression it was a Slender Man ripoff.

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