Funny / Sinister


  • Contact name: Deputy So-and-So. The guy never gets a more proper name than that. It's even kept in the sequel.
  • After seeing the dog, Ellison tries to keep it calm while slowly reaching for his bat.
    Ellison: It's alright... I won't hurt you... I'm just going to grab my bat... so I can bash your head in... if you come near me.
  • After Tracy realizes why Ellison moved them into the house:
    Ellison: It's not like somebody got murdered in that bed!
    Tracy: So it didn't happen in this house?
    Ellison: No. *Beat* It happened in the back yard.
    Tracy: And that's better?!
  • The 'shush' gesture plus the Kubrick Stare that Bughuul's childrens give in the extended cut of the reels, it's so silly that one couldn't take it seriously anymore after seeing it for the first time.

Sinister 2

  • When So-and-So arrives at Courtney's home in an attempt to burn the house down to end the cycle, he comes in all badass like with gritty music playing in the background, all while carrying gasoline containers. Which all gets interrupted by a squeaky toy he steps on. Cue him saying, "What the hell..?"
    • Makes it funnier when he sees Dylan staring at him, eating an apple, all while So-And-So realizes how awkward it's become.
    So-and-So: Uh...
    • The awkwardness of when So-and-So is confused by Courtney's outbursts after finding him on their private property, think he's involved with Clint. So-And-So is just puzzled.