Headscratchers: Sinister

  • "Family hanging out" would be impossible for a little girl to perform, even if (or especially if) family was drugged.
    • I agree, that one just bugged me as totally impossible. It COULD have been done if the family had been lying bound on the ground with the ropes around their necks when the branch was cut - the end result would have been the same when that branch was cut, but there was no possible way for the girl to stand up a grown adult and be able to tie that rope to the tree branch if they weren't conscious - in which case, why the hell would an adult let a kid put a noose around their neck?
      • Weren't the little kids possessed by Bughuul? I always assumed it was possible because she was possessed by an evil god.
      • I agree with you. That's how I thought the Pool Party video was possible; there's no way a young kid should be able to drag an adult AND a weight into the pool.
    • We know the ghosts of previous victims pulled Ellison down out of the attic. Possibly they'd also helped set up those of the previous murders that required more physical strength than a single child could produce.
  • Here's an even more stupid thing. Besides the fact that writing is not the job you rely on to pay the bills in general, exactly how fast was he planning on writing that book? Because it was probably going to take at least six months to a year to write and edit it before he could try to sell it. That's not even considering the fact that generally you sell nonfiction on proposal, as in BEFORE you start writing it.
    • Ellison is clearly coming from a very successful first novel that gave him an inflated ego. He doesn't care about details, if he gets the story he just thinks it will work out. Plus, he's obviously got enough money to keep himself going at least for a couple of months, the whole point of him not wanting to write other kinds of books or get other kinds of jobs is a major plot point.
  • This may verge into WMG territory, but how exactly did the murders of the families start, and how was Bughuul spreading his influence before the invention of video tape?
    • Vincent D'Onofrio explained that the worship of Bughull began using simple drawings and frescos in ancient times. It was only in modern times that he got with the times and used video tape.
  • Not only would it be extremely hard for a little kid to hold a video camera and push a lawnmower at the same time, but how did they do it at night and not have the noise alert the neighbors?
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