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YMMV: Rush 2013
  • Award Snub
    • Quite a few people are furious that Daniel Brühl didn't even get a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars, especially considering that he's gotten them in other awards shows. Richard Roeper is one of them.
    • Of course, that he's being nominated in the supporting actor category for who is nominally one of the main characters falls into Award Category Fraud.
    • The film also was expected to be a nominee for Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, but ended up getting no nominations by the Academy at all.
    • Equally infuriating is that, despite the fact that Brühl spent hours in the makeup chair and the film was praised for the realistic portrayal of his burns, the film wasn't nominated in the best makeup and hairstyling category. There were only three nominees, one of them being Bad Grandpa. Let that sink in: A Jackass movie now has the honor of being called Oscar-nominated while Rush is not.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Niki's marriage proposal to Marlene has to be the least romantic in history but it was adorkably cute.
  • Critical Research Failure: "Artistic Licence" excuses most of the inaccuracies in the film, but claiming the Nordschleife is called “The Graveyard” when its iconic real nickname is “The Green Hell” sparked serious anger amongst F1 fans
  • Europe Loves Formula One: Rush is expected to make more money overseas, due to Formula One as a whole being more popular in Europe and parts of Asia than in America.
  • Foe Yay: James Hunt and Niki Lauda, towards the end it starts moving more and more to the Ho Yay territory.
  • Harsher in Hindsight
    • After seeing the movie and watching Niki and Marlene's happy marriage, it's a little sobering and depressing to read Niki's Wikipedia page and find out they eventually divorced.
    • Sean Edwards played (via stunt doubling) his father Guy, who was one of the ones to pull Niki out of his wreck. On October 15th 2013 he was killed in an equally fiery crash at Queensland during a test drive with one of his proteges.
    • A few months later, Mauro Pane, Daniel Brühl's stunt double, also died from a car crash.
    • All the times James drank, smoked, and did drugs, considering his hard partying likely contributed to his death via heart attack at 45.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Natalie Dormer played a secretary in Captain America: The First Avenger that kissed Captain America for a few seconds. Guess who she makes out with in this movie as a nurse.
  • Hollywood Homely: Even with prosthetic teeth, it's pretty hard to make Daniel Brühl look like an "ugly rat."
  • Ho Yay
    • Aside from the Foe Yay mentioned above there was the moment where James was so thrilled about Hesketh entering Formula One that he planted a big kiss on Lord Hesketh. Poor guy looked bewildered.
    • According to Brühl, he and Chris Hemsworth invented a romantic comedy between James and Niki in between takes so the Foe and Ho Yay might be a tad deliberate.
    • If we get a little meta with the Ho Yay, Lauda once said Hemsworth's ass made the movie.
  • Idiosyncratic Ship Naming: While the pairing of James/Niki does have the Portmanteau Couple Name of 'Launt', Tumblr fangirls tend to use the term 'Rathunt' more. Likewise the Niki/Marlene pairing is colloquially known as "Because I'm Asking You To" after a memorable line from Marlene.
  • Squick: A fair bit.
    • The decapitated body of Francois Cevert who hit the fence.
    • Another racer's leg so severely damaged that the tibia and fibula are exposed.
    • Blood clots and fluid being vacuumed from Niki's lungs with a metal tube after his horrifying crash at Nürburgring.
  • Nightmare Fuel: There's very little discretion in the shots of Niki getting his face burned.
  • Tear Jerker
    • Niki's final words about James's premature death are positively heartbreaking.
    • Niki trying to get his helmet on after the accident when just trying to do so puts him in pain.
  • Values Dissonance: With regulations and protocols today, James certainly wouldn't have gotten away with drinking champagne or smoking a joint before the race, not even in lesser formulae.

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