Trivia / Rush (2013)

  • Actor Allusion: Possibly coincidental, but this marks the second time Daniel Brühl's love interest meets him, only to discover that he is famous when some exuberant young men get excited about meeting their hero. Both times, he's famous for something occurring in Italy.
  • Approval of God: Niki Lauda loves the movie, and has said he wishes James Hunt were still alive so they could see it together.
  • Cast the Expert: A non-actor example - many of the cars featured in the film were actual Formula 1 cars from the period, driven by their current owners (many of whom race their cars in historic races). They even managed to convince one of the actual drivers from the real 1976 season (Hunt's teammate in 1976 Jochen Mass, who portrayed himself) to participate in the making of the film.
  • Casting Gag: This is the second time Natalie Dormer (Nurse Gemma) has had a small but memorable role where she got make out with an Avengers cast member (the first being with Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger).
  • Dyeing for Your Art: Chris Hemsworth had to lose the weight he maintained for The Avengers so he could fit more comfortably in the cars and look more convincing as a playboy F1 driver.
  • Fake Nationality: Chris Hemsworth is Australian and Olivia Wilde is American, they're both playing Brits. Also, Daniel Brühl is German but spent over a month in Vienna to get the Austrian accent right. Teddy Mayer is played by Canadian Colin Stinton. Italian Pierfrancesco Favino plays Swiss driver Clay Reggazoni, which has actually led some people to mistakenly think Clay himself was Italian (granted, he was born and raised in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland so completely understandable).
  • Multiple Languages, Same Voice Actor: Daniel Brühl and Alexandra Maria Lara dub themselves as Niki and Marlene Lauda in the German dub.
  • Real-Life Relative: Guy Edwards, one of the drivers to pull Niki out of his wreck, was played (via stunt doubling) by Guy's son Sean Edwards.
  • What Could Have Been: Russell Crowe had been considered to play Richard Burton in a cameo.