Awesome / Rush (2013)

  • James Hunt makes quick work of the reporter who rudely questions Lauda about the future of his marriage.
  • Niki Lauda placing fourth in his next race weeks after surviving a near fatal accident and James Hunt becoming world champion by a single point in the last race of the season.
  • Guy Edwards, Harald Ertl, Arturo Merzario and Brett Lunger all risking their lives to drag Lauda out of that burning Ferrari. This was during a time that marshalling and safety were more of an afterthought compared to the high standards of today, and 99% of the time, an accident of that magnitude was essentially a death sentence.
    • Something that still happens in racing today. It is not uncommon to see drivers who also wrecked to rush to the aid of another driver who seems to be at risk of death or injury, even those in the race still stopping. You may be competing against each other, may even pull each other strings, but those people in those other cars, you know very well in the professional circuit.