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Funny: Rush 2013
  • The two Ferrarri/ Lauda Fanboys that pick Niki Lauda and Marlene up in Italy and are gushing about him throughout the entire scene. Also, the look on all three of their faces when Lauda guns the engine.
    Fanboy: I can't believe Niki Lauda is driving my car!!
    • The funniest bit may be when Marlene employs her shapely gams to induce someone to stop and pick them up. A car screeches to a halt and these two guys hop out and run right past her to squee over Niki.
  • For context: Niki's injuries were so bad that he had been administered last rites. His first words when he's awake enough to be understood? "Tell the priest to fuck off! I'm still alive!"
  • When Niki proclaims the Ferarri a 'shitbox' - the mechanic looks at him, utterly incredulous. Niki responds with a hilarious face and noise in imitation.
  • Sex: Breakfast of Champions
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