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YMMV: Royal Pains
  • Awesome Music: The season 2 promo rap.
  • Base Breaker: Evan. Some fans find him completely annoying, others think that he's the best part of the show.
    • Though as of late, he's become a much better character since he started dating Paige, to the point where when Hank was a jerk to him, Evan gave him a speech that was pretty close to a reason you suck speech. Those who couldn't stand Evan before probably like him now. Rescued from the Scrappy Heap indeed.
  • Die for Our Ship: The Foe Yay between Hank and Dr. Peck has ignited this.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Paige went from hiring Evan to be her fake boyfriend mid-second season to being his real wife, part of the team, and Promoted to Opening Titles.
  • Foe Yay: Hank and Emily. It gets more interesting when they act on their attraction... in the second episode after her appearance. It doesn't look like they'll end the enemy stage just yet, either.
  • Ho Yay: Boris and Hank (Could be Foe Yay depending on how the story is going), Evan and Boris (though more on Evan's part), Divya and Jill, Hank and Evan
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • In 1x07, "Crazy Love", the patient of the week gets put in an MRI. Something tries to get out of her chest. Turns out to be an RFID chip, which is even more creepy.
    • In the season one finale, Evan finds mold in an attic. Moving, black mold. It is made marginally less creepy when it turns out to be bats.
    • That one time where Hank drilled a hole in an old guy's head.
    • "You Give Love a Bad Name" begins with Hank opening the chest of a guy who has just been shot and instructing someone else to hold the ribs apart. This troper was very quick to look away.
  • Purity Sue: Hank. Seriously, does he get paid extra for being a goody-two-shoes?
  • The Scrappy:
    • It didn't take long for Dr. Peck to be hated by the fandom. Just check this out for an idea of how fans think of her.
    • Molly, the bratty teenage daughter of Hank's new favored patient in season five, was also pretty unpopular with fans. It didn't help that she seemingly dedicated her life to making Hank's job harder.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Evan seems hellbent on getting HankMed more customers, over the insistence of Hank himself. When he buckles down to it, he is a good CFO.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Evan watching helplessly as Hank tries to revive their father during his heart attack. Capped off when they finally get him to the emergency room and the surgeon - after asking what happened and if Hank is the primary physician to which Hank responds he's the son - can only reply with a shocked and sympathetic: "Jesus..."
    • The revelation that Milos, Boris' seemingly diabolical cousin is in fact severely mentally ill, to the point where he believes that Boris is hoarding a cure for his illness. It's especially sad watching Boris try to reason with him.
  • Values Dissonance: Divya has to hide her work from her parents. She creates an elaborate cover story and enlists Evan to support it. The American viewer is probably thinking "You are over 21, right?"

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