Funny / Royal Pains

  • "Pit Stop": Jill is staying in Hank's room (he's on the couch). Emily comes back unexpectedly. Hank is woken up, sees her going into his room...
    Hank: Oh my... No no no no no no...
    • And gets there just in time for twin shrieks.
    Emily: What are you doing here?!
    Jill: Well not what you were going to be doing, I'll tell you that!!
    • Then Evan shows up.
    Evan: What the hell is...Dude! (*Goes for "up high"*)
    Jill: (Death Glare) Don't even think about it.
  • While "The Hankover" is a very funny episode, the best part is the misdirection about Raj. Evan wakes up thinking he pushed him off the balcony and killed him; there's blood around his head. After the long flashback, Hank rushes over to check on him... and finds out that the "blood" is actually Bloody Mary and he's just fine. Evan's version of the push and the reality of it with Evan's drunk stumbling is an adjunct CMOF.
  • Meeting an actor who plays a doctor on a medical show, Hank is asked his opinon of the show. In a truly meta bit, Hank says that he and fellow doctors watch medical shows just to mock "how much they get wrong."
  • "Pregnant Paws": During the staff meeting Divya tries to bring up the news of her pregnancy, but keeps getting interrupted. When it adjourns, Jeremiah stands straight up and says without thinking:
    Jeremiah: Wait! Divya's trying to tell you she's pregnant.