Heartwarming / Royal Pains

  • In regards to Divya's parents (somewhat paraphrased, if someone could correct with the actual quote, it'd be appreciated):
    Divya: You wouldn't understand.
    Evan: You've built an impossible business out of nothing. I don't even like you and I'm proud of you. So you're right. I don't understand. Enlighten me.
  • After Tucker's dad fires him, Hank still hangs around Tucker, saying he wasn't banned from being his friend.
  • Towards the end of "Whole Lotto Love," Evan's new girlfriend, Paige, brings the people of the Hamptons to the client of the week's reception, in spite of said Hamptonites not showing up for the actual vow renewal. Paige tells Evan she did it because she loves him.
  • When Evan asks Paige's father for her daughter's hand in marriage, the General asks him if he can provide for her "in the manner to which she is accustomed." Evan's response is equal parts this and Badass Boast: "I intend to make myself a king in the Hamptons, and I will make her a queen."
  • When Evan tells Paige that the General has withdrawn his support of their getting married, Paige basically says screw it and then drops down on one knee to propose to Evan. Afterwards she laments that they don't have the ring so Evan can put it on her finger, only for Evan to pull the ring out of his jacket pocket and say, "I keep it with me wherever I go, just in case."
  • At the actual wedding itself, for all the crap that occurred between the two families, the General and Eddie have an amicable relationship and the General himself even gets a little upset that, due to weather, the wedding might not go on. When Eddie gets himself ordained in ten minutes online, the General doesn't complain and is just happy to see his daughter get married.
  • Jeremiah offering Divya his home to stay in due to complications in her pregnancy, despite the now-revealed feeling on his part for her. Though he might be among the most socially stunted among HankMed, he shows off a lot more maturity and emotional growth than any of them - admitting that yes, he had feelings for Divya but that was because he was insecure at the time. He goes on to say that he's not doing so because of an attempt to win her heart but because, quite simply, he wants to be a friend and hopes she will think of him as one too.
  • As Hank faces turmoil over the discovery that he has a half-sister, his longtime rival Ken actually offers him a pep-talk.
  • The final season sees several of the main characters heading on upwards trajectories:
    • Jeremiah reconciles with his parents after years of estrangement, adopts a dog, decides to start his own laboratory and tentatively begins a healthy relationship.
    • Evan and Paige finally manage to conceive a child together.
    • After a few false starts, Eddie finally marries Ms. Newberg.
    • Divya is accepted into med school and is on her way to becoming a doctor in her own right.
    • Hank sees that he's settled into yet another rut, and begins planning to move on to the next phase of his life.
    • And what does he do? He moves to Africa to be with Jill. And the epilogue in the final episode shows that they're engaged now.