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Trivia: Royal Pains
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Henry Winkler as Hank and Evan's dad in the second season premiere.
    • In 1x02, Britta plays a ballerina.
      • And in the wedding movie, the Lawsons' cousin is "Fat Neil".
    • In 1x08, Tobias Beecher plays a illustrator, including a joke about the cartoon characters doing time.
    • In 2x02, Chloe O'Brian appears as New Part Newberg's stepdaughter
      • 2x09 featured Ethan Kanin as General William Collins, Paige's father, who disapproves of Evan.
    • In 2x03, Paul Wight AKA The Big Show appears as a famous movie star. Hilariously, they reference his wrestling name.
    • In 2x08, Bill Belamy plays Aristotle philosopher-king cabbie of New York City who takes Jill and Divya for a night on the town.
    • Paige does double duty as the pre-death version of the protagonist of Drop Dead Diva.
    • Looks like Dr. Taub moved to the Hamptons and now knows nothing about medicine, but still likes high living and beautiful women.
    • Ed Asner as the Larsen/Roth patriarch in "The Shaw/Hank Redemption".
    • Evan was Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (Ax for short) on the live-action adaptation of Animorphs.
    • There's also an in-universe example when Evan suspects Jack's doctor of being a former child star. He's right.
    • Apparently Loretta Stinson has something against Hank Med.
  • One of Us: Evidently, someone who works on the show lurks TV Tropes: in the fourth season episode "Dawn of the Med," Hank uses the term "Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot" to describe one of Evan's old Halloween costumes.

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