Awesome / Royal Pains

  • Hank is basically a Medical MacGyver. In fact, in the pilot he saves a patient with duct tape, a Bic pen, a bottle of vodka, an X-Acto knife, a sandwich bag, and some blood-clotting medication.
  • Evan—yes, Evan,—gets one in "It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again" when he scares off a drunk guy hitting on Divya by mentioning he's from Jersey. Then when the same drunk guy tries to sucker punch him, Evan simply steps out of the way, and the drunk guy hits a trailer hard enough to dislocate his elbow.
    Evan: New Jersey, one. Hamptons, zero.
The doctor at the event happens to be Hank.
Hank: What happened?
Evan: (smirking) Yeah, "you want I should tell him?"
Drunk: ...I slipped.
  • How about Hank punching out the Fonz?
  • Season 2 summer finale, with a Wham Ending where Boris talks Eddie into a heart attack. Woah.