Funny / Rules of Engagement

  • Jeff, Russell and Adam have a pact to see who can get laid before midnight. None of them do, but Jeff and Russell make up some lies. Adam is about to lie as well, but breaks down and admits he couldn't. There's a beat where Jeff and Russell look like they're reconsidering their lies, only to wimp out and call Adam a loser.
  • Timmy trying to have a sex-free relationship. Russell sees Timmy shaking a bottle of white-out under his desk and assumes he's masturbating. Timmy's line about how he's "trying to get the last of the white-out" doesn't help him.
  • During 'After the Lovin', Jeff realizes that Audrey's spent the past 16 years using sex as a weapon to make him do what she wants after Adam points out that Jen did the same to him to try and get a dog. We see a bunch of flashbacks from Jeff and Audrey's marriage and relationship where she made him do something after sex. He then admits that she's been using it for years and it's pretty impressive and uses it against her.
  • Russell chatting up a supermodel:
    Supermodel: I make a lot of good decisions about what I put in my body
    Russell: Really? I'd like to be one of those good decisions.
  • Jeff and Adam playing makeshift hockey.
  • Jeff's allergy to strawberries is brought up in one episode. He then eats a strawberry to get out an awkward dinner similar to a suicide pill.
  • Audrey trying to convince a handsome young employee that she's not trying to sexually harass him. Her dress gets caught in an elevator door and is pulled up, exposing Audrey's underwear to the entire office. What really sells it is that she was crying "Get this dress off me!" and clenching her hemline, so it looks like she was intentionally exposing herself.
  • The episode where Timmy is trying to tell Russell that a girl he slept with is obviously making stuff up to avoid him. In the scene where they end up in the café, everything she told him ends up being true. Russell's face is priceless and to make it even funnier, Adam is standing outside the window, giddy like a school girl who's friend got a date.