YMMV / Robot Alchemic Drive

  • Les Yay: Nanao is a possible love interest for either of the male protagonists. Her dialogue changes very little if you're using the female character, Yui.
  • Narm: The English voice acting is laughable but Nanao's line "A robot killed grandma..." takes the cake.
  • The Scrappy: Nanao is generally not well-liked among the game's fans: the combination of her whiny attitude, constant need for saving, and God-awful voice acting has won her very few fans.
    • Likewise, Gllang is almost universally despised among the Meganite selection.
  • Simple Yet Practical: Laguiole's ability to transform into a jet is incredibly useful, getting to battle and destroying Volgara before they can destroy anything important is key to obtaining lots of money.
  • Spiritual Licensee: This is probably the closest westerners will ever get to Giant Robo: The Video Game.