YMMV / Ozy and Millie

  • Anvilicious: A good deal of the political humor falls into this.
  • Crazy Awesome: Millie full stop.
  • Moral Event Horizon: What Felicia did to Stephan. Rejecting him's one thing, toying with him and not feeling bad at all is another. See Tear Jerker below for more details.
  • Nightmare Fuel: This'll definitely scare you from making any sandwiches. Also a minor case of Fridge Horror as what exactly is Llewellyn doing with a jar of lost sou-it's probably best we don't ask.
  • Stoic Woobie: Ozy for the most part.
  • The Scrappy: Jeremy, due to him bullying Ozy, Millie, Stephen and possibly many other students for little to no legit reason. It`s safe to bet he`s not well liked by readers due to his aggressive attitude.
  • Toy Ship:
    • Ozy and Millie have a debatable one. On the one hand, there's some Ship Teasing going on in a few select scenes. On the other hand, Ozy and Millie's parents married in the final story arc, making them siblings. On the other other hand, they're Not Blood Siblings. The prevailing opinion on the fan forum seems to be that either they'll end up together or at least one of them will end up transsexual; seeing as the creator of the strip is the latter herself, this seems plausible. This ends without a resolution; after the wedding, the last actual strip is them waking up in bunk beds and going outside to play; the last few pics of them as adults don't offer any hints either.
    • In some of the strips from 2000 Stephen has a crush on Felicia that never goes anywhere, though towards the end Felicia starts to get a little close to Avery.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Timulty. Though he is only four.
  • Tear Jerker: The story about Shelley, Ozy's biological mother. Sort of.
    • The story arc where Jeremy shoves Millie in the mud over and over again for his own fun. This causes Millie to break down into tears and makes her slap Jeremy in the face. The victory is short lived however when Millie gets in trouble for it (as the teacher failed to see what Jeremy did first)while Jeremy mostly got away with it again. Seeing someone innocent get blamed for trying to stand up for themselves really is saddening to say the least.
    • In one story Stephen (after repeated failed attempts) asks Felicia out on a date nervously. To his surprise, she says yes. As Stephen starts to get excited however, Felicia and her posse suddenly laugh in his face and cruelly reveal that she wasn`t serious and she was playing with his emotions for a cheap laugh. The look on Stephen's face really makes you feel sad for the nerd.
  • What an Idiot!: After he ends up getting humiliated by Felicia, a heartbroken Stephen ends up running away to California by himself while also lying to his parents he`s attending some sort of school event that is obviously made up.
    You'd Expect: Stephen's parents to get suspicious and contact the school to see if he really is attending one of their events. They would have discovered he lied to them and would have called the authorities in California or go there to find him themselves.
    Instead: Stephen's parents apparently fall for it. In fact, Stephen's father is preoccupied the whole time watching a Doctor Who marathon while Stephen's mom doesn't even appear on screen at any point in the story arc. Lucky for everyone, Isolde spots him while she's in the state herself.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Not that the comic isn't kid-friendly; it is. But a good half of its humor is build around philosophy, politics or economics, not something a kid would care about or understand. Which puts Ozy and Millie in the tradition of Dana Simpson's influences, such as Peanuts, Pogo and Bloom County.
  • The Woobie: Ozy as above. Stephen as well...at least when it comes to romance. While nothing ever happened with Isolde, good or bad, the end of his crushes on Felicia and Stephanie both ended in pain: Felicia pretended to say she would go out with him, then mocked him with her Girl Posse and insulted him causing him to run away, and Stephanie was only interested in being friends despite being perfect for him and was instead interested in Jeremy. Millie is a minor example but has her moments.