Headscratchers / Ozy and Millie

  • How could Llewelyn run for president? He's not a natural-born citizen of the United States, he's most likely English. Or is there some unspoken loophole still in effect that anyone living in the U.S. who was born before the revolution can be president?
    • Actually, there is: the requirement is that you either be a natural born citizen or have been a citizen when the Constitution was adopted. I'm not sure this helps Llewellyn, though; I'm pretty sure he isn't quite that old. (For example, this strip suggests that his grandfather was young some time in the 18th century.) Probably he just doesn't care—it would be illegal for him to serve as president, but since he has no intention of winning this isn't an issue.
      • He definitely doesn't care. Ozy brings up the fact that he's the ruler of Greater Llewellynland and he shrugs it off in his typical fashion.

  • Locke's Genetics? Does he age backwards because he was born that way? Or is it the reality of his world that does it? If he stayed in Millie's world would he start aging forward? In that case, could Millie have possibly had a risk of inheriting more of his genes than her mother, causing her to age backwards as well?

  • French Fry Hut had a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" sign in the window in an early strip, but later Mrs. Mudd went in without shoes. note  Did they drop the policy because it was costing them too much business?

  • The course of the webcomic takes place throughout Ozy and Millie`s elementary school years and they graduate in the last year. What is confusing though is how Ozy and Millie keep getting the same classroom and teacher every single year. If they did indeed move up a grade at the start of each school year, then how come they keep being in the same class? And if they were in the same grade all along, wouldn't they have graduated Elementary school at the start of the first summer arc?
    • Some schools have a system where every class is assigned a teacher, who then moves up though the school with the class and continues to teach them every year. This is supposed to help the teachers develop a better bond with the students in their class, helping them to teach more effectively.
    • Actually, it's a case of Not Allowed to Grow Up. They mention their age as ten a few times several years apart.note  The graduation at the end was the comic breaking out of that loop.