Heartwarming / Ozy and Millie

  • A lot of the entire comic, but this one in particular is of note. Ozy has just discovered the facts about his biological mother, and Millie asks if there is any information on his real father. Ozy replies,"I've always known who my REAL father is... and I wouldn't trade him for anything."
  • "Millicent... Millie."
  • This:
    Ms. Mudd: You've been everywhere, done everything, and you tell it all so well. How could you possibly be so interested in my stories?
    Llewllyn: They're about you.
  • Also heart warming was a story in which Millie is recounting her "Top Five Dreams" but wakes up before she can find out what Number One was. She's notably irritated about this, until Llewellyn informs her that she may yet find out, and that dreams are often influenced by that which influences most while we're awake. That night, Millie's dream picks up from where she left it: it turns out her number one dream involved sitting with her best friend Ozy and watching the sunset with their tails intertwined.
  • "Just by being yourself, you make my impossible dreams come true."
  • The "blue string" strip became an early favorite among fans.
  • There's also when Locke shows up at Llewellyn and Ms. Mudd's wedding.
    Locke: Do you love her, dragon?
    Llewllyn: With all my heart.
  • And who could forget some of the early Christmas strips, which consisted of one panel showing Ozy and Llewellyn cuddling in front of the fire?
  • There's also a story arc where Llewellyn has a presidential debate with a bald fox who looks very familiar to Millie. It turns out he was probably Ozy's father. Ozy decides to not look into it and continue to consider Llewellyn as his father.
  • A Valentine's Day strip late in the series' run shows Millie kissing Ozy. It was actually practice for taking over the world with cuteness, but heartwarming all the same.
  • This Wiki needs a "Crowning Moment of... AWWWWWW!... " entry. reason:
  • Millie, after spending time with Locke upon discovering he's her father. I love you. Dad.
    • adding further to that Locke says "I love you too". This is particularly important as Locke, previously hadn't shown a hint of respect for Millie even when finding out he was her father, and admitted he would sell her for a quarter and was completely ignorant that she was upset about all of this. Just having him say "I love you too" even if a little rushed, is probably the sweetest thing he ever said in the comic, because he said that as her dad. Not to mention him saying something mature is equal to an adult saying something childish in his world (seeing as is crew would give hem "such a wedgie" for saying that). So by that logic, he was momentarily channeling his adult self, for Millie.