WMG: Ozy and Millie

Not going to bother spoiler tagging anything since it's already over.

Ozy is the "Chosen one"

Think about it, Ozy is probably one of the most mature kids in all of fiction. He never gets sad, mad, sometimes a little nervous by Millie's escapades (Namely Shaving him) but he is polite and accepting of everything. But perhaps Ozy is a reincarnation of Budda, or at least one born with the task of bringing peace to the world through zen and knowledge. I believe Ozy, especially seeing what happened to his mother, is destined for something big and grand. "My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings"

The Dragons ran the whole comic
Everything went Just as Planned.

Millie is The Messiah
You all thought she was kidding didn't you?

Ozy and Millie's future child will be The Messiah
Can you imagine what any kid those two could make would be like?
  • Come to think of it, a zen Cloud Cuckoo Lander sounds like a lot of the Dragons, maybe Llewellyn is trying to breed a mammalian dragon.
    • Jossed? now that they're brother and sister, can they even legally get married now? Then again Llewellyn can alter the laws as he wishes regardless.

The entire comic is Shelly's (Ozy's mother) doings
  • Locke and Millie's mother being introduced by Llewellyn. Mille and Ozy meeting. Millie's mother and Llewellyn falling in love. It had a perfect happy ending. Shelly having ascended to Godhood could manipulate reality itself, and she just wanted Ozy to be happy.
    • OR making it even more of a total Mind Screw. Ascending to Godhood means being reborn in "our world" as a human. And subconsciously wrote this comic, effectively making the above WMG true.