YMMV / Overblood

  • Anvilicious: The sequel is rather heavy handed in it's "humanity has destroyed the Earth" Aesop, to the point that we need cooling devices to stop the world from over heating. While a decent Green Aesop, it isn't remotely subtle.
  • Cult Classic: Due to the Let's Play mentioned on the main page, the game has developed a following of over two thousand people on Facebook alone. That's not even counting any fans of the game when it came out.
  • Narm: The use of Gosh Darn It to Heck!, coupled with Raz's relatively passive, underacting voice actor. Not even under heavy stress does he go beyond a "gosh" or a "darn."
    • A climactic, important cutscene at the end is accompanied with background music that would be otherwise suitable if not for the chaotic, dissonant trumpets.
    • Narm Charm: "Pipoooooooooooo! I won't forget you. It's all my fault."
    • The intro for the second game thanks to inappropriately placed text.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The voice acting and stories of both games definitely fall into this category.