YMMV / Operator's Side

  • Annoying Video Game Helper: Inverted; if you ever wanted to feel sympathy for Navi, then this is the game for you.
  • Complete Monster: Jim Powers, who had shot Rio and killed her father under his German birth name in the past to steal his research, turns out to of caused everything by using his fake Philosopher's Stone on humans to create the monsters For Science! This includes the operator's girlfriend Naomi, who he explicitly states he experimented on and mocks her shortly after her death for her inability to control her transformation's powers he caused. He's also personally responsible for putting Rio's father's brain into a computer for the sake of research as well as hiring mercenaries to kill and cover up any stragglers as an alleged rescue team. It doesn't help that he's also a Giggling Villain who seems to get his kicks off of listing off his horrible deeds almost as if to see how Rio reacts, and tops it off by trying to drop the entire space hotel on Tokyo when his plans go up in smoke just because. There's absolutely no redeeming traits about this man beyond a single loose compliment of Rio's father and his intelligence - in relation to calling Rio herself stupid before blasting her with a shotgun. Some players are likely to cheer for his Karmic Death right after.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: After almost the entire game had Rio hold an Idiot Ball when it came to combat and puzzles, seeing her fill Jim's body with lead towards the end (on her own provocation no less) after he seemingly killed her is gratifying.
  • Game-Breaker: The Strafe combat command, which has Rio shoot random parts of the enemy, is the only break you get in combat for the game's shoddy-at-times voice recognition system.
  • Narm:
    • The english voice acting is definitely not this game's strong suit; Rio is stilted at times as is, but almost every other character in the game just comes off as comical or awkward. Especially Jim Powers, who is practically Chewing the Scenery with how evil he is and clearly relishing in it.
    • Rio has a rather bad habit of putting everything on hold to ask the operator random questions or bond with them, to the point of Mood Whiplash at certain points in the game as if she's suffering from Skewed Priorities. Just as well, her mood can flip on a dime, such as being wracked with angst over her Dark and Troubled Past and numerous deaths around her only to instantly calm herself down if the player says something like "Cheer up" for that specific scene.
    • Amidst the Tear Jerker scene listed below, Rio's father asks if the person he's talking to could find her daughter (oblivious to her identity), to tell her that her mother's alive after all these years and that he's set up a Swiss Bank Account for them to be able to live their lives happily. For some, this sort of thing coming out of nowhere can put a hamper on the moment, especially considering how the hell they managed to set that up in the first place.
    • Naomi's death on the other hand tries hard to be a Tear Jerker, but the fact that it unfolds almost immediately after the previous scene, and has a Heroic Sacrifice happen for seemingly no good reason besides more drama and an excuse for Naomi to not be between Rio and the player severely hinders its attempts. The fact that Naomi's voice is incredibly hard to make sense of due to heavy voice filters but Rio acts like they're supposed to be perfectly understandable doesn't help.
    • The reason why the space hotel was created in the first place was because the Big Bad was creating a Philosopher's Stone, which can apparently only consist of a uniform composition that is impossible in Earth's gravity. The fact that this Techno Babble leads to aliens ( really people transformed by fake Philosopher Stones) that borders on mystical to the point that a handy Exposition Dump documentary narration treats curses as a perfectly scientific matter spirals into absolute ridiculousness. But then the game also never explains how the real Philosopher's Stone was made centuries ago in the first place!
  • Ship Tease: Rio with the operator (aka: you), as the game has multiple bonding moments over the course of the story that almost seem to exist solely to do this. You can be quite blunt about turning her down, not that it seems to change Rio's mind much despite the operator having a girlfriend they're trying to rescue. Considering you two escape the exploding space station together and Naomi entrusts your protection to Rio before she dies, it's pretty obvious what angle the developers were going for.
  • Tear Jerker: For those that do get far enough into the story, Rio meeting her father as a Brain in a Jar and hooked into the station, unable to even determine that Rio wasn't a researcher at first and bemoaning for a Mercy Kill after years of experiments and isolation. Combined with some genuinely good voice acting and his inability to realize Rio was his daughter as she utterly tears up and nearly breaks down, it's arguably one of the most memorable scenes in the game.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Along with the "unique" control scheme, it's the redeemable feature of this game.
  • The Untwist: Not that the story doesn't have notable plot twists, but it's more the fact that Rio has an excessive habit of pondering and reviewing info she and the player have come across and then stopping just short of an educated guess you're likely to complete, yet is still surprised every time. While the Brain in a Jar of her father and Jim Powers being the Big Bad appear with little to no fanfare as twists in their own right, almost everything involving the Philosopher's Stone and Naomi's fate gets extremely blatant and easy to see coming.
  • What An Idiot: Rio, Rio, Rio. Sure, she's the one handling the aliens and mysteries on-foot while you're stuck as her operator, but she refuses to do much of anything without your orders and doesn't even shake off enemies biting her without your commands. Refusing to help her even has her shoot the camera and walk off only to die almost instantly. And yet the game tries hard to push her as an Action Girl in spite of her severe incompetence.