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YMMV: Nick Verse
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why are most of the adults such Jerkass's or idiots in these shows ? Because odds are they shared the same kind of childhood where they where badly infulenced by adults like that. Overlaps with Fridge Horror if you think about it; odds are our favorite characters might grow up to be no better.
  • Fridge Horror: Robbie denies Rex is a puppet, and there are times where Rex makes noises on his own. And in a recent Sam & Cat episode, a doll they where supposed to babysiter turns out to be alive. Lets just leave it at that.
  • Friendly Fandoms/Fandom Rivalry: The only loyalty the members of the fandom have are to their ships and favoured actors/actresses, not the shows themselves. The nature of the crossovers and Ship Tease have meant people stay loyal to the preferred ships even when moving between fandoms of the specific shows. Major examples of Rivalry include:
    • The Victoria Justice fans in the Victorious fandom despise Sam & Cat because they see Ariana Grande as the reason Victorious was cancelled, at least until the producer of How To Rock cleared up that many shows were being cancelled anyway (It's also inverted, as before this news, Ariana's fans blamed Victoria for supposedly not wanting to do a Victorious concert, causing the cancellation. Even worse, it's rumored that Victoria and Ariana have a feud, what naturally lead to sunshine and bunnies for the fans).
    • Creddie fans in the iCarly fandom en mass have declared complete apathy to Sam & Cat because they were all happy with the Carly/Freddie They Do ending on iCarly, so they feel no need to be forced to watch a show involving a character (Sam) most Creddie shippers aren't big fans of.
      • Said Creddie fans are friends with the Austin & Ally fandom because Creddie shares a huge similarity with the Just Friends ship of the titular characters from the Disney series. Also to an extension, with the A.N.T. Farm fandom, especially with the Flyna fans, due to the same reason with the former's Just Friends ship, and the similarities of both ships between Creddie and Flyna.
  • Hollywood Hype Machine: The Nick Verse lives and breathes this. Chances are the main actor or actress is getting the hell hyped out of them by Nickelodeon at the time. The most obvious example was Nick trying to turn Victoria Justice into a Miley-level superstar, but in the end it was Ariana Grande that ascended superstardom once the show ended.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Especially for Victorious and fans of Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande or Elizabeth Gillies
  • Periphery Demographic: Many of the Nick Verse shows, and iCarly and Victorious in particular, tend to draw an audience closer to the ages of the actual actors (18-20) or even older.
    • Victorious in particular draws a significant male peripheral demographic (actually Averted in most other shows like iCarly as they appeal across the genders from the get-go).

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