YMMV: Mock the Week

  • Acceptable Targets: Kerry Katona.
    Dara: Why were you never in EastEnders?
    Hugh: Well, listen to my voice!
    Dara: Like an episode where a landowner comes around...
    Hugh: (In an even posher accent than normal) One of you — I don't know which — has been stealing my pheasants!
    Dara: "Well, welcome to public life, Nick, you look like fat Hitler."
    Frankie: "He looks like a plucked owl that's been fast-tracked for management at Greggs."
  • Actually Pretty Funny: Frankie Boyle has been known to make Dara (and the audience) wince and laugh simultaneously.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: "ICE FISHING!"
    • Lampshaded by his disbelieving realisation of what he'd just said seconds later.
  • Broken Base: Did Frankie Boyle's departure make the show more inclusive and less of a bearpit, or just completely unfunny?
  • Colbert Bump: The show has been the first or one of the first television appearances for many comedians who are now very well-known.
    • A 2013 episode saw Ed Byrne make a Running Gag out of buying "Farming Simulator 2013" instead of Grand Theft Auto V. The very next day, Amazon had nearly sold out of "Farming Simulator" and was showing it as being frequently brought together with GTA.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Frankie Boyle, almost every time he opens his mouth. Depending on your sensibilities, some of Hugh's lines may qualify (the suggestion for "Famous Last Words" of "Yeah Jackie, let's go in the open-topped car today!" being an example).
    • Too Soon?
      Frankie: "...when I read the headline "Fannie Mae Collapse", I thought Kerry Katona was having another baby..."
    • Another notable occasion is seen in the second "Too Hot for TV" DVD, where the unedited version of the "Deleted lines from the last Harry Potter book" is shown, with the multiple rape jokes intact.
    • According to Frankie Boyle in one of his specials, a few of his scenes were left out for crossing the line a million times.
    • Dara even calls Frankie out on it after this Richard Hammond joke shortly after his big crash:
      Frankie: "I think that should be the anti-speeding advert. It should be footage of Richard Hammond trying to remember his own wedding day. (audience groans) She was wearing black...or was it red? Am I married?"
      Dara: "We weren't going to make an oblique reference to that, let alone—there's a line in the sand, and you can't even see the line in the sand. You're out of the sand into, like, tropical tundra regions or something."
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: the Christmas special in Series 6 manages to have two rather ambiguous ones — first, guest Adam Hills' tale of a Santa who visited his dad's plane which was flying at Midnight on Christmas Day, which gets derailed by Frankie. Second, in what must be a first for this show, a fan drawing submitted by a viewer, age 11, is proudly displayed — it shows Daleks attacking the show's set. And Frankie has taken their side.
    • One "Spinning The News" segment had Frankie doing a routine on the topic of "Kids" (cue audience groan). After a very typical gag, he told a very sweet story about his daughter:
    Frankie: We were sitting down for breakfast, and she said to me, "Daddy, what's the best thing in the world?" And I didn't even have to think of it. I said, "darling, I don't have to think about it, you are the best thing in the world, it's definitely you." And she quiet for a minute, and then she said: "for me it's sausages!"
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Inevitable, given the tone of some of the humour.
    Dara: It's pretty clear that Saddam Hussein is going to be found guilty, but there's still debate about how long he'll go down for. My guess is about four feet, before the rope goes tight.
    [Audience groans]
    Mark Steel: That joke was so contrived, people felt sympathy for Saddam Hussein!
    • And another one where Sarah Millican asked "How many hairs would you have to pluck from Susan Boyle's face to make her attractive?" which every single other panelist groaned at.
    • Or Frankie's "famous last words":
      Frankie (*as Steve Irwin): Stingrays love foreplay.
    • In Series 12, Katherine Ryan gave the following in "Unlikely lines from Cosmetics Commercials" in "Scenes We'd Like to See", and drew high hell from the Moral Guardians:
    Katherine Ryan: We don't test any of our products on animals. We use Filipino children.
    • This might also count as a bit of a Double Standard, as such a joke might rate a 3 on Frankie Boyle's offensiveness scale.
    • Andy Parsons from "Things you wouldn't hear on a motoring programme":
    Andy: Richard Hammond's busy with Total Wipeout. Not the programme; he's just had another stunt go badly wrong again."
    • Weirdly, this joke was cut from the main broadcast, but not from the show preview.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The camera crew seemed to like pointing out how even the other comedians were losing their shit during Stewart Francis' turn on Spinning The News.
    • Holly Walsh, in comparison to the general audience perception of the female comediennes on the show.
    Youtube Commenter: Holly Walsh might be the only decent female comedienne on MtW."
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Kevin Bridges, Unlikely Things to Get Through Your Letterbox: "Dear Ms Winehouse, congratulations on turning 100, best wishes, the Queen."
    • Hugh's impressions of Jimmy Savile don't seem quite as cuddly, given the 2012 revelations about the late entertainer's darker side. Then again, one could also argue that in retrospect, they only serve to reinforce how obviously creepy Savile actually was!
  • Genius Bonus: Because he studied science, Dara will sometimes make a joke about some obscure scientific principle, or nitpick a joke by one of the panelists.
  • Growing the Beard: Early episodes focused heavily on impressions thanks to impressionist panelist Rory Bremner and featured games rarely seen later on. Once these were dropped a couple of series in, episodes went from mildly funny to hilarity and the show started to pick up a much bigger audience.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight
    Hugh Dennis [when the "Scenes We'd Like To See" category was "Unlikely Things For a TV Announcer to Say"]: If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in Balamory...
    • After that, series 9 episode 8 of the show, where Balamory regular Miles Jupp appeared as a guest.
    • The more recent series of the show have taken a break over the summer. One of the reasons for this break is because Parliament is in recess and there won't be any big new stories to cover. For 2010, this worked well in practice. For 2011, not so much, as the show went off air in the same week as the News International phone-hacking scandal broke, closely followed by the riots in London.
    • This. Presumably he took it to the knee.
    • Frankie's comment at 1:18 here, since he later grew a Badass Beard two years later.
    Frankie Boyle: "Everyone knows I'm not a pedophile because I don't have a beard".
    • Naturally, anything said that mocked Andy Murray's tennis ability. One example (exaggerated but the sentiment is there):
    Frankie Boyle: (Unlikely things to hear at Wimbledon) "And as the Scottish man holds the Wimbledon trophy aloft, the earth opens and swallows him whole."
    • And another:
    Frankie Boyle: (Unlikely things to read on a packet) "Viagra are proud sponsors of Andy Murray. For people who can only ever achieve a semi."
    • Ed Byrne got one in after Murray won Wimbledon...while Murray was in the audience.
    ("Unlikely things for Andy Murray to think")
    Ed Byrne: Well, at least now that I've won Wimbledon, they'll stop making fun of me on television.
  • Ho Yay
    [The answer in the "If This is the Answer..." round is 2035]
    Stewart Francis: Is it 'when will Dara O'Briain succumb to my... advances'?
    • Bad Things To Say On A First Date.
    Russell: Whoa... how pissed was I when I asked you out?!
    Andy: Not as pissed as I was when I said "yes"!
    • Unlikely lines to hear from a thriller:
    Russell: I have amnesia. The tattoos on my body will tell me what happened. ... 'Dara was here'?
    Dara smiles wryly at the camera and presses the buzzer.
  • Memetic Mutation: After Paul Gascoigne made a surreal attempt to appease escaped killer Raoul Moat with a can of lager, a chicken, and an offer of a fishing trip (apparently they were friends), Michael McIntyre started what became a Mad Libs Running Gag of Gazza cheering [someone] up with a [drink], a [foodstuff] and an [activity].
    Stewart Francis: In an effort to cheer up the badger, Paul Gascoigne was seen in the area with an empty bottle of Cava, a can of Spam and a Savage Garden CD...
    Andy: Don't worry, Gazza's arrived with chicken and a fishing rod.
    • "ICE FISHING!"
    • Other news stories referenced often include the story of John Darwin, who turned up alive five years after he'd gone missing whilst canoeing, the Josef Fritzl case, and Kerry Katona's drug issues and frequent pregnancies.
  • One of Us: Tennis star Andy Murray is apparently a fan of the show, despite the fact they regularly take the piss out of him, as he has now twice gone to recordings straight after Wimbledon. In the latter they had an entire segment aimed at him.
  • Padding: As seen on the show:
    Fred MacAulay: ... And the detail is vital in padding out the routine...
  • Replacement Scrappy: Averted somewhat in Series 8 by replacing Frankie with guests as opposed to a permanent panelist.
    • From Series 3's first Between The Lines:
    Frankie (attempting Saddam Hussein): "Hello campers!"
    Hugh: "I reallllly think we're gonna miss Rory Bremner..."
  • The Scrappy:
    • For many Rory Bremner, who for two series was more of a distraction with his impressions than the lead comedian he was seemingly supposed to be. As Andy lampshaded, the round is much easier if you can do impressions.
    • Also countless base breaking guest comedians that contributed a noticeable lack of jokes compared to the regulars (although the half-hour edit is heavily biased towards the regulars).
    • From roughly series 4 to series 7, it was common for there to be one excellent guest and one that wasn't that funny and thus became this for the entire of the episode.
    • If the YouTube comments are to be believed, pretty much every female panelist they've ever had, with Gina Yashere standing out as particularly unpopular. Except for probably Holly Walsh, who gets a lot of positive comments during her appearances.
  • Uncanny Valley: The cast regulars done up as Lego men is rather creepy, especially Dara and Andy (the latter of whom is referred to as a "Lego Colombian drug dealer").