Awesome: Mock the Week

  • During a "Commercials That Never Made It To Air" round, Chris Addison makes a joke about Andy Parsons' baldness ("Do you suffer from dull, lifeless hair? Don't worry, Andy Parsons'll buy it off you.") Andy's response definitely warrants a mention:
    Andy: How much did you say you earned for those Direct Line car insurance ads? Well, people deserve to hear about this! [mimes honking a horn, a la the advert]
    • Then one upped by Hugh Dennis:
    Hugh: Dara Briain: We work, so he doesn't have to.
    • In fact, this one has been a Running Gag throughout several episodes.
    • Then one upped by Dara, who pretends to doze off.
  • "I'm so old, my pussy is haunted". - Frankie Boyle, mimicking the Queen
    • This joke sparked outrage and accusations of declining standards at the BBC. So the joke became even funnier when a newscaster was force to repeat it on-air in a deadpan tone.
  • Hugh completing a stage of the Tour De France in real life. Not as impressive as completing the whole thing, but it still takes some balls to try.
  • Katherine Ryan recites a major part of the "Prince Ali" song from Aladdin from memory.
  • Hugh and Russel's argument about Harry Potter. Especially when Russel corrects his comment on Parselmouth.
    "I think you'll find that's Parseltongue; ten points from Hufflepuff."
  • Series 8. Scenes We'd Like To See. Topic was "Things You'd Never Hear On A TV Election Debate".
    Patrick Kielty: The truth.
  • Andy Murray appearing on the show after his Wimbledon victory, so the cast takes the piss while respecting his great achievement.