Awesome / Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

  • Mister Rogers defending PBS to the United States Senate. And how, really, could one speak against Fred Rogers? He won The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!
    Speaker: That's wonderful. I think it's wonderful... (sigh) I think you just earned twenty million dollars.
    • His defense of PBS was in response to proposed budget cuts. The outcome after his speech? Budget increase. Yes, that's right... Fred Rogers persuaded the United States Congress to spend more money on educational programming that brought in close to zero corporate profit. No matter what party's in charge, that is impressive.
    • The US Senate was debating cutting a $10 million grant to PBS. Fred Rogers came before them and spent six minutes describing his TV show. The United States Senate doubled the grant.
  • He also defended home recording and was later recognized as one of the most prominent witnesses. That's right, people! Recording TV shows would've been made illegal if Mister Rogers hadn't intervened and set the greedy straight!
  • Also, almost all PBS Kids apps with licensed characters on the Apple App Store are not available outside the US and UK. Of the two that are available internationally, one of them is a Mr. Rogers App. That man is a saint!
  • Through a bizarre twist of fate, Mister Rogers was the inspiration for Night of the Living Dead (1968). A young George A. Romero was behind the camera when Mister Rogers got a tonsillectomy, and the experience was so squicky that it got him interested in horror. The story doesn't end there! When the movie was finished, Romero showed Rogers an advanced screening of the movie. What did the most gentle man who ever lived think of this bloody horror film? He thought it was fun!
  • When he went up to accept his lifetime achievement Emmy, he asked the entire crowd: "...ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are. Ten seconds of silence." And they complied. The write up from Esquire said it best:
    "And Mister Rogers finally looked up from his watch and said softly "May God be with you," to all his vanquished children"
  • PBS Digital Studios made this awesome video: The Garden of Your Mind. And now the "B-side", Sing Together.
  • Among other honors, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, and has an asteroid named after him.
  • It's been often written he was a tough person to interview as he would connect to the interviewer on a personal level. Watch as he turns Joan Rivers, who in her prime was a tough, whip-smart, and sharp-tongued comedienne, into a wide-eyed eight-year-old talking to a long admired teacher. Twice.
  • Fred Rogers retained both his dignity and his sense of wonder. He did an experiment with Bill Nye.
  • Mister Rogers is so loved that on 4chan, yes, that 4chan, one of the most puerile, mean-spirited and downright insane places on the Internet, it is a bannable offence to speak badly about him.
  • When Mister Rogers appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show, Hall presented him with one of his own jackets as a gift. Rogers, to the delight of Hall and the crowd, put the jacket on right then and there, and wore it through the duration of the segment.
  • The pure kindness, warmth, and love that the man exuded throughout his life is awesome in itself, as is the respect and appreciation he garnered from the world because of it.
  • Way before, a certain group of people known on the internet for their constant attacks on soldiers and the LGBT community made their own attack on Mr. Rogers. While most people would be infuriated for their usual shtick and Insane Troll Logic reasoning as they are attacking them..for Mr. Rogers? They attacked him because he was too nice. The fact that they themselves couldn't think of anything else shows how truly a hero Fred Rogers was that even they couldn't find a reason to say bad things about him.