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Awesome: Modern Family
  • Manny tries to impress a girl the entire episode to no avail. Then, he saves her from a deflating moonbounce and THEN goes back in to save her balloon animal. THEN he tells the camera that she called him three times that night and he thinks she is smothering him.
  • "This is one clown who's going to KICK YOUR ASS!"
  • Santa punching out a Jerkass caroler
    Santa: You were nice, he's naughty
  • Haley's Batman Gambit to win the "no electronics" contest. She really isn't as dumb as she seems.
  • Cameron's "the sticks were in the wrong hands" drum solo.
  • Gloria sandbagging Jay's attempt to get out of a shopping day with Pepper.
  • Phil confronting Jay about his constant deriding of Phil's masculinity, saying he's proven it many times over, and if Jay still has a problem that Phil married his daughter, that's on him.
    • Made so much better by Jay finally giving Phil a nod of respect when he wasn't looking.
  • Phil walking a tightrope seven feet off the ground.
  • Alex tearing down the Christmas tree salesman when he (supposedly) insulted Mitchell.
  • Mitchell tackling the guy who stole Haley's money.
  • Alex: "You have your fans, I have mine. And one day, your fans are going to work for my fans."
  • Luke's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Haley and Alex about how they're both equally bad sisters.
  • Luke and Phil guilt-tripping the realtor who stole Phil's listing.
  • Gloria wrecking Haley's plan for a degenerate party while also getting Manny to loosen up. "Two birds, one bullet."
  • Almost everything Jay does in the Disneyland episode. Anything that isn't a Moment Of Awesome is a Moment Of Heartwarming.
  • Claire's punishment for Haley getting drunk at the prom: getting her to drink a bunch of gross stuff blended together on the pretense of it being a hangover cure.
  • Phil, after playing the nice parent opposite Claire for Haley's whole life, finally explodes at her when she's arrested at a frat party and doesn't even apologize to them. Then he storms out, and Claire follows to get him a well-earned waffle after he's had nothing to eat all day.
  • Phil beating Jay in a boxing match, releasing all his frustration he had with him about not respecting him.
  • Phil taking of his and all his kids problems that day just like Michael Corleone in The Godfather while he becomes godfather to Jay and Gloria's new baby at his baptism.
  • After a whole episode of Alex's new band being talked down as a dull classical music group, it turns out they're some kind of alternate rock band, in which Alex's cello playing fits perfectly, and she even sings.
  • Cam turns on "The Dancing Waters" at the end of "The Wow Factor". Which then becomes doubly awesome by becoming a Crowning Moment of Funny when they realize the water intakes are sucking in the goldfish, then spraying them all over the lawn.
  • Phil, Claire and Cam finally selling the house the latter two fixed up at the end of "Flip Flop", with Phil getting to stick it Gil Thorp in the process.
  • Alex setting off fireworks at her grandmother's funeral, with a lighter the grandmother stole from Paul Newman.
  • After Cam and Mitchell accidentally give Lily too much money as the Tooth Fairy, they hatch several unsuccessful schemes to get her to give the money back, eventually getting Haley to dress up as the Tooth Fairy. When that plan fails as well, Haley manages to manipulate Lily into returning the money by convincing her that if she keeps it, Santa will see what she did, all without missing a beat. Pretty quick thinking for the less intelligent of the Dumphy sisters.
  • Phil and Claire were attempting to reschedule the kids' summertime activities to give themselves more time alone at home. But they first needed to get all three to agree without knowing the true reason. Phil goes to Alex and uses a combination of sympathy and her fear of ending up like Haley (lounging around the house with no goals in life) to get her to switch. He then tries to sweet-talk Haley (who was going on a beach trip with friends), who immediately guesses the real reason for his request. She attempts to leverage Phil with more concessions... but then he shuts her down completely with a threat to cancel her trip altogether, making her appear as the "uncool friend" and eventually ending up like Alex. Haley immediately backs down. Awesome in that Phil changed tactics without missing a single beat and outmanuevered Haley, who thought she had been holding all the cards in the deal. And using both sisters' rivalry against each other? Priceless.
  • Phil, Luke, and Manny successfully reassembling an antique Apollo 13 model.
  • Haley revealing that all the time she's been spending in her room taking selfies has actually been setting up a clothing business that's already making a bunch of money.
    • And in another episode not long after, she gets to put the photos she's been taking in college into a special exhibit, and even manages to sell one.
  • Haley again, stepping up to the stage to accept her father's award at the realtors' banquet, then effortlessly seguing into doing his jokes and then telling everyone what an awesome dad he is (making it a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as well).
  • Mitchell standing up to his jerkass boss in "Truth be Told".
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