Awesome / Monday Mornings

  • Dr. Hooten calling out El Gato, Dr. Tierney and Dr. Napur on their treating of their suicidal patient. Depression and mental illnesses lead to suicide and are considered lethal diseases! Well-played, Dr. Hooten, well-played.
  • Dr. Sung Park is awesome when he berates his patient who first begged him to help her with her constantly shaking hands. His risky surgery helped her, but it triggered her sexual appetite. She decided to sue him for it, partly because he was not understaning when she said it was a problem for her because she's religious and would like to be a bit more "chaste".
    Dr. Park: "Where is your honor? Two weeks ago, you couldn't hold pen, could not write. First thing you do after procedure, you sign name on a complaint, sue me for malpractice. No honor, you."
  • Dr. Sung Park has an awesome moment when he recognizes that his young patient is a writer, and that a surgery might destroy his ability to write effortlessly. He agrees with him that an operation is unnecessary, even though his life is extremely difficult and tough on his mother.