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YMMV: Misery

  • Harsher in Hindsight: Paul is in the middle of an ongoing series when he gets in a serious car accident before finishing it. King nearly died in 1999 after being hit by a van while writing the Dark Tower series.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Paul's Misery series is focused on a pretty but flighty young woman who is the focus of two guys who do all the cool stuff. The series is obscenely popular. Fans, but especially middle-aged women, adore it. Critics everywhere skewer it. Almost twenty years later... Even more hilarious what with Stephen's reaction to said novels...
    • Two decades after Kathy Bates played Annie, she appeared in Midnight in Paris as Gertrude Stein, and the protagonist desperately wanting her to read his writing and hear her opinion is a plot point.
  • Hollywood Homely: Annie played by Kathy Bates is a plump woman of average appearance, clean and carefully groomed. The character in the book has been described as very unattractive, a shapeless fat body, reeking of dirt and poor-quality cosmetics.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • At one point Annie crushes a rat to death with her bare hand, poking her fingers into its body in the process. And then she licks her fingers. Paul wasn't the only one that felt ill.
    • Annie forces Paul to wash down his Novril with dirty rinse-water as punishment after he makes her mad.
    • Two words: "Special candle."
    • Five words: "And now I must cauterize."
    • Annie leaves Paul alone and locked in his room for over two days. Paul resorts to drinking his own urine because he's so thirsty.
  • No Yay: Annie Wilkes and Paul Sheldon, especially in the book. She's an ex-nurse Loony Fan of the disillusioned writer who saved him from a car crash and slowly nurses him back to health. It's eventually revealed that Annie has killed several of her patients, and her mood constantly swings between cheerful and psychotic. It culminates with Annie amputating Paul's leg.
    Annie Wilkes: I'm your number one fan....
  • The Woobie: Paul. The whole story is basically about him stuck in Hell!

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